100 diffuser recipes that will make your home smell amazing. (2024)

Essential Oil diffuserrecipes are one of my favorite ways to enjoy all the benefits of essential oils.

In just a few drops of the right diffuser blend, I can create an amazing smelling home and have a wonderful effect on my family's mind and body wellness.

Not sure what essential oils to blend together in your diffuser for an amazing aroma or for wellness support?

In this post, I take the confusion out of diffuser recipes and show you how you can use not only use your Young Living Starter Kit oils in diffuser recipes but how to incorporate other Young Living Essential Oils to promote health and healing throughout your home.

*This post contains affiliate links to the essential oils and other products I talk about in the post.

✅Before we get to all the oil recipes, want an easy and quick way to access over 100+ diffuser recipes? Check out the By Oily Design- “Diffuse your oils issue”.

It’s your turn to have the amazing smelling home everyone envies.

Okay, let's first start out with the diffuser recipe basics and build from there with some of the best smelling essential oils for diffuser recipes.

Young Living Starter Kit diffuser recipes

When I first opened my premium starter kit I was a lost hot mess.

I got way to heavy-handed and totally overdid the essential oils. It was because I was using what I thought were the most popular and best diffuser recipes found on Pinterest. Little did I know that a little goes a long way with essential oils.

That is why I created this set of Young Living Starter Kit diffuser recipes so that beginners could avoid the diffuser mess I created my first go at diffusing essential oils.

This Diffusing 101 post is the most popular and most shared post on the blog with over 84K shares.

***Update- Young Living released a new kit for the US in 2019 so I came up with an all new post with essential oils diffuser recipes using just the new US kit.

Clean and Fresh Diffuser Blends

Looking for Diffuser Recipes to help make your home smell clean and Fresh? I have several go-to diffuser recipe lists you must check out!

Young Living has made an update to the US Premium starter kit and it now includes the popular Young Living Citrus Fresh essential oil.

I love this oil because it has a great way of making my house smell so clean. So I created a list of my favorite Citrus Fresh essential oil Diffuser blends.

These blends will surely brighten your day.

Lemon Diffuser Blends

Stick around the blog long enough and you will realize one of my favorite oils is Lemon. I love this set of refreshing diffuser blends with Lemon.

Diffusing Purification essential oil

One of the great benefits to Young Living's purification essential oil is its ability to refresh your home and neutralize stinky odors.

This is the oil that helps me when I burn stuff in the oven or if I forget to take out the trash. Diffusing this helps get rid of even the toughest smells.

Make diffusing fun and easy get a copy of this great diffuser book!

Frankincense Essential oil diffuser blends

I will be honest when I first got my premium starter kit I was so scared to diffuse frankincense.

But then I realized that diffusing Frankincense smells amazing.

Plus, Frankincense essential oil blends well with so many other great oils. Blending them together makes for many amazing frankincense diffuser recipes.

Uplifting essential oil diffuser blends

Sometimes you just need some “happy mood essential oils”.

When I'm trying to help myself and my family improve our moods. I pull out theseuplifting essential oil blends.

Diffusing Peppermint Oil

Because you can never have enough peppermint diffuser blends.

Diffusing peppermint oil is pretty much a daily habit for me.

And it is really rare not to find peppermint oil in a diffuser somewhere in my house.

Fall Diffuser Recipes

Nothing makes me happier than the scent of fall and these fall diffuser recipes help inspire me to think of falling leaves, pumpkins and football.

Christmas Diffuser Recipes

These 12 Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for Christmas have me wanting to put up our live tree and sing Christmas Carols.

It's so rewarding knowing I can have all the Christmas inspired diffuser blends making my house smell amazing instead of using the toxic candles and plugins I use to use.

These simple diffuser recipes for Christmas will have you in the Christmas spirit before you know it.

Are you new to essential oils and looking for the right diffuser and oils to start out with?

I'm here to help.

I’d love to help you get your hands on Young Living's Premium Starter Kit which I call the Box of Awesomeness.Click here to get your Premium Starter Kit now!

It even includes my favorite essential oil diffuser the desert mist.

Want to see even more diffuser recipes check these out-

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100 diffuser recipes that will make your home smell amazing. (13)

100 diffuser recipes that will make your home smell amazing. (2024)
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