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Raúl Ilargi Meijer


Rembrandt van Rijn Christ and St Mary Magdalene at the Tomb 1638 • Washington Crossed a Fatal Red Line with the Crocus Attack (Paul Craig Rober
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Have you heard anything about WPATH? This is mind numbing but par for the course considering what the last five years have produced.

“This Is One of the Biggest Medical Malpractice Scandals in History”
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with bestselling author and journalist Michael Shellenberger to discuss the shocking revelations now being published in the WPATH Files.

Michael Shellenberger is a climate activist, journalist, and bestselling author. He has covered climate for over 30 years, as well as AI, emergent technologies, the Twitter Files, and most recently, the WPATH files

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Some interesting talk here, remove the space between . and com

Lara Logan On The Francis Scott Key Bridge: “It Is A Financial And Economic Attack”

https://rumble. com/v4lq4j2-lara-logan-on-the-francis-scott-key-bridge-it-is-a-financial-and-economic-a.html

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Dr. D


“Russia Announces ‘Substantiated Evidence’ Of Ukraine Link To Crocus Hall Terrorists
White House dismisses “nonsense” – saying it’s clear the Islamic State was “solely responsible”…

I didn’t know the White House was heading the investigation, questioned all the witnesses, and has all the answers already. …There is one other explanation: We know exactly who did it because it’s us. That’s the only way we could know, or dare say anything right now. You pick.

Putin Threatens To Attack Western Air Bases Hosting Ukrainian F-16s
“If they are used from airfields of third countries, they become a legitimate target for us, wherever they are located.”

Well I would think so! You can’t just take off from Andrews AFB, refuel, bomb Moscow, and claim you’re not involved! That’s essentially what they’ve been doing already, handing all NATO arms like Vampires, to shell Belgorod city center. That’s a different city of 40,000. I mean, it IS a war, I don’t cry big Shirley Temple tears, but you don’t just shell indiscriminately – for one thing, you’ll lose! Just like you don’t defend every inch without any tactical sense – which they just did again!. (Nazis. Thanks, I guess?) Anyway, the point is, when you, Czech, are shelling Belgorod, you can’t claim to have nothing to do with it. When Dutch pilots are handing free F16s, you can’t claim to be uninvolved.

Okay, more productively, what does that mean? A: It means they will not stop until they get a bloody nose that knocks them down. Not out, necessarily, and not at first, but something PR can’t overcome. Since the Euro people are already pissed, this may be easier now, — all PCRs nattering aside — but does it mean bombing Amsterdam instead? Or just leveling Czech’s President’s House and Macron’s Beach home? Gosh I hope so.

“If Americans Just Ate Healthy & Exercised, Then Politicians Wouldn’t Be Clamoring About$1,000 Weight Loss Drugs “Bankrupting” Medicare

Great idea! Any suggestions on how to do that when the food is poisoned in the field — by law — and every stage after that?

“The Bateleur”: “The Magician” in English, that’s Mountebank, Tumbler, Juggler implied in French. Somewhat different, but not entirely different. Like a 3-card monty street show?

“Container Ships”

I didn’t want to comment more since I’m not versed in this but people keep popping up without asking and thinking. First, from an expert, like other objects, surfing, airplanes, if you drop forward motion, you lose control. Just imagine the ship entirely at rest: L-R Rudder: no effect. Second, if you have power, then suddenly halt, the ship “cavitates” (they have a word for this) out of control. It’s like going into ice. If you can hold power steady on ice, it holds. Not accelerating or breaking, but even just yanking your foot off the accelerator will destabilize more than you’d think. “Water’ has no breaking, it’s slow ice. MODERN ships do everything by power, so you have to drill down and say WHICH ship? An old ship? Or the most modern, computer, drive-by-wire ship? They were visibly dragging anchor. Call had already gone out to controls they had power over. And although “Power lines” yes aren’t in the uppers, OBVIOUSLY the wires running the endless strobe lights on top were wired. And they may be high-voltage for arcane engineering reasons – it’s not like this is residential code here. The uppers are not dark.

So guaranteed, IF the power goes out, the back end tries to come around, esp when apparently they’re being race-car drivers out there. They may have rudder, but without the prop weird things are happening and apparently this is a single-prop? They come up again, engines are flipped to 120% with smoke to desperately get control…and then are out again? This isn’t a normal “We broke” situation then. This is a “We’re both up AND down???” Only computers can F something up that bad.

Then you have this ship, coming around, hitting a needle in a haystack, at high speed, on a one-mile bridge, that takes out essentially Washington DC area, for a year? Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral? Air, Ground, and Water all in one bridge pylon? Yes, such a thing CAN happen, but c’mon. Largest coincidence in years.

Anyway, what’s the rush? Why not wait for evidence? I’ve heard both Ukrainian pilot and the pilot BEFORE this one was Ukrainian. And WHYYYYYY would Ukraine possibly attack us? Either as a Ukie or as a Russian agent? Aaaaaaaaand how would he ever “get away with it” since he was on the bridge steering? OBVIOUSLY everyone would point at him, with no deniability AND Ukraine would get no more weapons and piss off all America. Don’t just say “Ukrainian”. If he were London, Syrian, Egyptian, Chinese, we’d all point too, but he has to literally be from SOMEWHERE. Wait and find out. This is like they said “Diversity hire” as if every PoC etc are 100% incompetent, which is completely not true, AND having no idea if they were or weren’t. Stop reacting, start asking and piling up stacks of dossiers and facts. What do you get out of reacting faster and more emotionally? Is something gained? More cookies?

So I’m sure they have “digital backup systems”, everyone does. Every IT center, every database, etc. And they are all built like s—t, they completely don’t work ever, and no one cares because “In THEORY” we have that. Eyewash. Security Theatre. That is: LIES. Sure we fixed that problem! I fixed it with more lies!

“Gilbert Doctorow Now Confirms with his own analysis my prediction that Putin’s toleration of provocations is spinning the Ukraine conflict out of control.”

See???? It’s all Putin’s fault!!!! If he hadn’t reacted to us starting that war with him, well boy howdy!

Putin has been desperate not to overreact and overextend and it’s been working wonderfully. They already won the war. However, every approach has its effects and this is one of the downsides. What’s really happening is, PUTIN NOW CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS. Internally where he had to build war support, and now internationally, at least with governments and Intel Agencies in each country. They are all going to agree “It went too far”, that this was “Unprofessional”.

And wot a coincidence! Right when they’ve broken the line and amassed forces to finish taking Odessa and landlocking not Ukraine but all Europe. Well darn it. So when Putin sends 200,000 into Kherson nobody’s going to say or do nothin.

“..Russian state security on 8 March was too tight for the terrorist mission to succeed and the United States decided to pull the plug on that operation..”

Key here is: That’s when the “West” warned Russia – vaguely, and as “Was professional”. Wait: you know but also don’t know? Anything specific? What bulls—t is this? And “Russia didn’t heed the warning” so it’s “Putin’s fault”. NO. THEY DID. They mega-secured “concerts” as advised for 48h on the 8th exactly as directed…and we now “know” “they” called it off because security was too high. Meaning they BOTH followed it, AND it worked great. …And then Nuland is fired. But what do you do, stay on high alert for the next 100 years? Gee, wouldn’t the CIA love that? So the problem is Derp wanted Nuland compartmentalized but “The CIA” leaked, found out anyway, and told Russia? Then WHO, specifically, was mad and bounced her? This secret cartel, not The CIA in aggregate. That is, remember: everyone is reading each other’s mail in there, in secret clearance levels. We are an occupied government in an occupied nation, with traitors everywhere. The White Hats and Black Hats alike, work offices next to each other, with the same clearance and database. And do you WANT them to all divide and start shooting? Inside the Pentagon and Langly? Pass. Well the White Hats outfoxed and still got a wiretap on Nuland. They told Russia. It is both embarrassing AND they don’t know who Nuland’s leak is – clearly her, as she went on TV about “Surprises” – so they replaced her with somebody secret we don’t know about yet. That person may or may not have a leak, but Nuland DEFINITELY does. And their plan was such garbage it actually hurt THEMSELVES.

Unlike us, these are all strictly practical considerations of Game Theory. They are psychos: they don’t have human emotions like we do.

DNC foundations FTX and P Diddy methodically taken off the board before the election. Along with money for “Ukraine” boomeranging into DNC election (rigging) coffers.

Cohen-Daniels. Not surprising, and I’ve considered it back when it first came up. But who cares? Consider it’s true: see the kind of s—t billionaires have to put up with? And see the kind of s–t when I can say “who cares?” that is: nobody cares about the Truth anyway?

“• Ukraine Needs Air Defense To Boost Birth Rate – Zelensky (RT)

“Time exists”, Vlad. You might not have noticed being a co*ke-snorting gay dude, but babies are a lot of work and take 20 years of unbroken, no-vacation investment. You don’t type them on a spreadsheet. You needn’t bother: you won’t be around in 20 years and neither will “Ukraine”.

“• ‘Russia for Russians’ Slogans Alarming – Putin (RT)

Remember, top MI6 agent Navalny’s core and origin was exactly this. He was all about ethnic hate and being the KKK against Muslim in Russia’s “Long, Soft, Underbelly”. It drives the Brits nuts that they can’t “Divide and Conquer” that always works everywhere. I mean, Plan B would be “Working for a living” and we sure ain’t doing that!

“• China Opposes US Practice of Creating Enemies Out of Thin Air (Sp.)

What a radical position. We should go to war with them.

“• Who’s Running the EU? Big Global Corporations Which Aren’t Even European! (Jay)

Yes, but they aren’t American either. You could take “Economic Hit Man” view that they are like clouds circling the earth. — Which is why governments refused to charter them, and if chartered were agents of government proper, like the East India Company. Unfortunately unlike our forefathers, we are all drooling morons who can’t understand that. No you don’t just give a corporate license to anyone. And no, when they commit crimes, you don’t just let them keep it. (Looking at you, every Wall Street Bank in ‘08, Wells Fargo especially, with a million fake savings accounts charging illegal fees and fines)

The only real crime is NOT committing crimes, right?

“• UN Court Orders Israel To Let Food Into Gaza (RT)

Binding, or else what? They’ll write them a stern letter? The UN doesn’t have an army and neither does Europe. They use OUR army. …If you let China occupy and declare war on genocider Israel I’m all ears, but clearly China adores all genocides worldwide and wouldn’t spend a nickel. They could stop Israel with their pinky finger.

• UK Won’t Extradite Assange While Risk of Death Penalty Remains – Tory (Sp.)

No. Since they can’t extradite, they will keep him in solitary in Belmarsh instead. Forever. Hey, um, Britain? If you CAN’T extradite, then isn’t Julian free to go? You were only holding him to transfer him.

No this is the Anglos: he’s both under arrest, and totally free. Whichever amuses me when I look up from the co*ke I’m snorting off this hooker.

““Hundreds of deranged Hollywood liberals will be in attendance, and they will open their wallets to fund the destruction of country!”

Jon Stewart tried to be a normal human. He retired, but had NORMAL 1960-1990s liberal positions. Coming back, they are so deranged that even ONE WORD, a SINGLE joke about Covid and the Chocolate Factory DEVASTATED them. They’ve been in an insulated fart bubble so long they forget how fragile and weird and lying Un-Reality they are. Since then, Stewart has been on tour giving tongue-baths to mass-murderers like Hillary Clinton as penance.

Well, since he was told to get-on-the-plantation-or-die, he was running what is clearly idiotic news on Trump and how guilty he is for owning real estate. In his normal, clever way, which because they are all Neanderthal-browed mongoloids, they need to pay people like Jon with talent for to make it plausible in the slightest. What’s True is whatever is cool and funny! Problem: Jon actually was careless – because there’s no material to work with here, it’s clearly wholly over the line – and said that paying assessed taxes while pretending/selling your house at FAR higher rates is literally fraud, literally a crime, with literal victims. —Which every bank in the “trial” denied.

Come to find out! Lo! Like EVERY PROPERTY IN THE WHOLE UNITED STATES, Jon’s mansion is assessed and taxed at $800k while he advertised and sold it at $14M. Wow. Okay, well taxed and assessed are never the same since before George chopped down that cherry tree, but that’s a HUUUUUUUUGE difference. Like he’s not paying 8x his tax. The cheat. So all of US are the victims! At least anyone in NY.

But that’s not all. Not only is he guilty of (of course! That’s what we’ve been saying!) of the same difference in values. Not only was Leticia James ALSO guilty of the same fraud in values. Not only is every NYer guilty of the same fraud in values. Not only is every AMERICAN guilty of the same fraud in values. …But there is a specific victim here:

Jon sold his house at $14M while that buyer then took a $4M LOSS on it when he sold. Jon, Jon, Jon, you KNEW your house was only worth $800k and you SOLD IT ANYWAY? That’s fraud! And this poor guy! Who voluntarily entered into contract as a free man, took a loss? THAT’S FRAUD, a felony, and the fine is $500 Billion dollars.

Not to be crazy – and I’m totally not kidding here – If I were that buyer I would IMMEDIATELY sue Jon Stewart for my $4M dollars. Why? JON ADMITTED ON TV HE DID what to him was A CRIME. A Felony. For which one must pay reparations, according to James. That’s an open and shut case, even just as a payoff or “Hush Money”, a settlement to make his embarrassment go away.

Btw, Tim Pool, with millions of viewers, is on this daily now that Jon is determined to open this spat. And it’s open and shut: (Brings us back to the Limousine Liberal quote above)

EVERY RICH LIBERAL ISN’T PAYING TAXES. Like assess Joe Middle Class is $200k when the house goes up and down and is now $250/$300? 10% Sure. But like 10x? 1,000% ???? No way! Every DNC member, every MSNBC member, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, every member of SNL, every person in Greenpeace, Sierra Fund, all Felons! All tax cheats! Worse than Trump! YOU said this was a crime, WE are the ones who said it wasn’t. So now go down there and either arrest AOC NOW, or re-assess them 10x higher! If not, confiscate all property in NY can make this thing right!!

So that’s what dismal dickweed O’Leary was talking about. And like businessmen and Conservatives (But I repeat myself, and he’s not a Conservative, he’d be flaming liberal in 1985) isn’t saying – because they have self-control and can shut up – is HE HAS TO FIRE-SELL EVERYTHING IN NY NOW!! He’s going on TV saying it’s wrong, but he can’t than say “I’m dumping it on any sucker who shows up” because, like Jon: Fraud. And he’d not get a high price. But it’s EITHER: 1) Taxed assessed needs to stop being 10x generous welfare to every rich Millionaire queen while WE working guys pay our rate or 2) There are NO PROPERTY RIGHTS in the State of NY, because they can assess at anything, and levy fines as anything or, 3) This will take years to figure out, sort out, whereupon all risk in the borders of NY is near-infinite.

…Now this is just the details, drilling down to actual sales and residency of what I’ve been saying already. NY (or NYC) has CEASED TO EXIST, it can either reverse this and give up all such Liberalism, Statism, and Socialism, OR, It can die. That’s it: two choices. Pick wisely.

“Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert will moderate a conversation with the three presidents. The event will be hosted by actress Mindy Kaling and feature musical performances from Lizzo, Queen Latifah and Lea Michele. First Lady Jill Biden will host an after-party for 500 guests.

Sounds about right. They are all to the Left of Mao. “Eat the Rich” AOC says in a $20,000 dress.

“The president’s son, Hunter Biden, and his family are also attending.”

So you know there will be co*ke there. But it was “DNC”, “Rich” and “NY” so you knew that already. We wouldn’t say that about Tulsa although it’s probably true.

• Maori King Calls For Recognizing Whales As People (RT)

King? We do Kingships now and they’re good? Not that it’s a bad idea, but it has law-ending, life-ending consequences. Maybe you want to think this through and test and implement carefully? The main reason to me is “Who Speaks for the Proletariat?” That is, like a regent King, the WHALES DON’T VOTE. They don’t run anything. YOU do, Mr. I-Know-What’s-Best-For-Everyone. YOU have assigned yourself this Power. And the purpose of POWER is more POWER. To wield that POWER, and crush the skulls of my enemies beneath my heel! Bwahahahaha!

No: I trust the whales – sorta, they’d probably harpoon all of us – but I don’t trust YOU. Don’t you see how the state “Knows and is reagent for all the aboriginal tribes”? The same Tribes that worldwide sold their native lands off for beans? Or at least you could always find ONE tribal dickweed who would. Same thing. No and No.

“This Dog never pays for the Subway”

That’s Speciesism. If Whales are legal citizens, they will all be taxed and charged fares.


The environment is so terrible and humans are so hateful that swans have made a complete comeback and are everywhere, like Canada Geese before them. And deer. And turkeys. And wolves. HOW DARE WE???? Shouldn’t we kill all humans who fixed this???

“The four suspected perpetrators had previously been identified as radical Islamists,”

They were “Identifying” as Islamists, long enough the check cleared. Then they became Chav Capitalists again to go spend their money on hookers in Lviv.

“Climate Change, DEI, reducing the global food supply, WEF, covid/vaccines, etc are all part of the program to enslave us with digital currencies.
Once we are under digital currency, there is nothing we can do to stop them from doing to us, whatever amuses them at the moment.” WES

Yes, and that’s why, difficult as it is, the People need to SEE this. And how is the only way to make the people SEE? By allowing the monsters to run around like this, but like having the Nuclear Football, with the ultimate keys taken away, under CONTROL. You see this with Trump, constantly right up to the cliff edge, then suddenly saved again. A MIRACLE! Now – I – don’t need this special treatment because I see already since 2001 or before. But we still have more new people waking up and seeing and choosing daily even now. Like Maher: “what’s the fastest growing GOP demographic? People of Color.” Who’s turned away from the whole DNC and all their “Daddy Helps” Socialist talking points? GenZ. If we had just removed Gates, etc, they would just fester again, because we’ve been doing that since McCarthy, since Ayn Rand, and for centuries. These guys need to be outed. TO US. Then we can drag them through the streets personally and decide how we want to deal with them. But that can’t happen unless WE see. Until it’s real. Ugh. This is so stupid, boring, and slow.

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Dr D Rich


Aft steering
Aft steerage


Ritter…..Marines…….men’s Department of the Navy

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Rivers and harbors have currents. A dead ship is carried both by its momentum and the current(s) that may not be in alignment with the channel. Lara is sure excitable.

March 29, 2024 at 1:49 pm#155767




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Nothing to lose

Who cares? Who’s listening
Sure we fixed that problem!
We fixed it with more lies!

Two More Power Plants Were Destroyed By A Massive Missile Strike. Military Summary For 2024.03.29

At the Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant, one of the largest in Ukraine, a fire is still going on, after a night high-quality calibration.
The process of decommunization is proceeding according to plan.

March 29, 2024 at 1:56 pm#155769



A wide range of weapons were used for the strikes: Kh-101 and Kh-555 cruise missiles, Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, Iskander-M ballistic missiles, Kh-59 cruise missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles, as well as Geran-2 kamikaze drones.

Emphasis was placed on the use of UAVs, and the total number of Geraniums used in each attack on the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine increased significantly (about 65 such drones were used during this strike). As before, UAVs perform two functions: open air defenses and hit objects.

The strike was carried out just a week after the previous raid, during which the generating capacities of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station were almost completely destroyed.

In Kamianske (Dnipropetrovsk region), presumably, the Dniprovska thermal power plant, the Prydniprovska thermal power plant and the 330 kV Prometheus substation were attacked.

Also, presumably, the Srednedniprovska hydroelectric power plant was hit (however, there is no reliable information about the damage yet) and the 330 kV Pavlogradskaya substation. In Kryvyi Rih, repeated strikes were allegedly carried out on the Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant and substations near it.

After the strikes on the Dnipropetrovsk region, an emergency operation of the power system was introduced.

Also, apparently, it flew again to the Burshtyn thermal power plant in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

A second arrival was recorded at the gas pumping station in the city of Stryi (Lviv region), where the largest underground gas storage facility in Ukraine is located.

From a military and tactical point of view, the strike also has a number of features.

A submarine of the Black Sea Fleet was presumably used to fire the Kalibrs.

After the launch, the Kh-101 cruise missiles covered about 2.2 thousand km to targets in Western Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that combat work on power grids is gradually becoming systematic. It is possible that strikes will continue in the future: a cascade of hydroelectric power plants upstream of the Dnieper (including the Kyiv energy hub with a hydroelectric power station) is still functioning, and the remaining nuclear power plants in Ukraine have not yet been isolated.

It is too early to draw final conclusions from the results of the strikes – the full effect of cruise missiles and drones will be clear by the beginning of next fall.

At the moment, it can be said that knocking out generating capacities, which the Russian army refrained from for a long time, will inevitably affect the industrial production of Ukrainian enterprises on both banks of the Dnieper and (if the strikes continue) will affect the ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use rail transport to transfer reinforcements.

March 29, 2024 at 3:11 pm#155770



Ocean carriers are declaring “force majeure” due to the Baltimore port bridge crisis, telling logistics companies and U.S. shippers including retailers that once cargo is dropped off at alternate ports, it becomes their responsibility to pick up.
In an alert to customers Tuesday, CMA CGM wrote, “Those (containers) on the water will be discharged at an alternate port where they will be made available for pick-up, and CMA CGM’s bill of lading will terminate.”
It was the first ocean carrier to declare force majeure — the provision in a contract that frees parties from an obligation due to events beyond their control.
COSCO announced Wednesday morning that its services would “be concluded” once the diverted container arrives at the alternate port. Evergreen announced the same measure.
In contrast, Maersk is providing transport. “For cargo already on water, we will omit the port, and will discharge cargo set for Baltimore, in nearby ports. From these ports, it will be possible to utilize landside transportation to reach final destination instead,” Maersk said in an alert to customers. Though it noted that the situation remains fluid. “We are still working through the various contingencies with our customers and will continue to provide both specific and general customer advisories as the matter progresses,” it said.
Ocean carriers Hapag Lloyd and MSC did not respond to requests for comment about their plans.

Logistics executives tell CNBC the next 36 hours will be critical in the movement of the diverted trade away from the Port of Baltimore after the deadly accident of the 10,000-container capacity containership Dali which crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the early hours of Tuesday.

The Dali was chartered by Maersk.

According to ImportGenius, the Dali unloaded freight on March 24 which included clothing and household goods that could be on the diverted vessels, also ranged from approximately 80 containers of Satsuma mandarin oranges, approximately 74 containers of IKEA products and furniture to 104 containers of Electrolux products including chest freezers, air conditioners, and microwaves.
The Port of Baltimore is also No. 1 in the U.S for auto/light truck and agriculture tractor imports and exports.
The supply chains for major wood panel importers, including Lumin Forest Products, Sudati, and Arauco, also rely heavily on Baltimore.
“The impact of the Baltimore port stoppage on construction and contractor supply chains may be significant,” said William George, director of research for ImportGenius.
One problem, according to logistics managers, is that ocean carriers are not updating their vessel transits fast enough to alert them to the new diverted port so they can plan for their customer’s container pick-up.

More @:

Baltimore port bridge collapse: Global ocean carriers put U.S. companies on hook for urgent cargo pickup

March 29, 2024 at 3:26 pm#155771



Dora, yes Lara does seem a bit excited, not in a good way. She may be thinking that the USA is being targeted for nefarious reasons.Hmmm. The WEF wants one world .gov with borders only for the plebs. It has managed to destroy Europes future and now on to the grand pooba of hegemony. Nationalism has a part to play here as well, at least nationalism according to the WEF. That is get the populations up in arms about foreign nationals and close the borders to movement in any direction. This plays well to the public and has some merit but without a strong energy supply and some/a lot of manufacturing/mining rebuilds to go with it where does it lead? Internal strife is most likely, followed by collapse. Corporate plus their legal beagles = wide spread carnage. Pass the popcorn the race is on. I bet my money on the bobtail nag, somebody bet on the bay.

March 29, 2024 at 3:38 pm#155772



@ Dr. D
Thanks for the explanation of ships in essence “skidding” in the water. I know what it’s like to have my car skid on ice and have the rear wheels swing around the forward direction. Didn’t realize ships could experience the same sort of thing under the right – or wrong circ*mstances.

March 29, 2024 at 4:04 pm#155773

Dr. D


Link to Lara Logan, boy they love talking fast. And “We’re under attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” By who? The world’s dumbest pack of baboons? Let me translate:

EVERY working man who saw this bridge told you not to build it this way. Every architect, every road engineer, every ship captain, the harbormaster, the steelworker, the guy pouring concrete and the 1st year intern patching the road at 1:30am that night. Everybody who heard about it, everybody who saw it, everybody who drove over it said: “Huh, that bridge looks like a rubber twig and not at all substantial like the Golden Gate, Brooklyn, or GWB, especially for a mile-long bridge. It’s in hurricane alley and will blow down in a light breeze.”

And they BUILT IT ANYWAY. And it fell into the swamp!

And Logan here says, breathlessly, like a secret. They did. STUDIES! After 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11…a day that will live in infamy…only in our minds… that our ENTIRE infrastructure was at risk!!!

….And then they did absolutely nothing, about a single thing, ever. Not with every Democrat, Every Republican, every combination, and every supermajority, including and not limited to the Supreme Court. Every General was informed, Generals Flynn and Milley, General Austin, and they all did….

NOTHING!!!!!! Buppkus, Nip, Zilch, Zero, Nada, Nyet, he is no more, he is deceased, he has joined the choir invisible!!

NOT ONLY about THIS bridge, not only about EVERY bridge, not only about every road, tunnel, train, subway, and car. But about every GRID. Every PIPE. Every Fiber. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy they sure hate money! They would never, ever, ever give money and no-bid contracts to their friends, to KBR and Halliburton, to the military and Lockheed, to the coffers of NY and Maryland DOT. Nope! We have NO INTEREST in paying incredible sums of no-bid money to strengthen and secure our bridges after –Hush– 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11 (…a day that will live in infamy…only in our minds…) We have $36 Trillion debt, $1 Trillion every 100 days, but Not a Nickel! This far, no further!

Um, put that way, do you want to REPHRASE YOUR QUESTION? Maybe about WHO was attacking us? Because, to every American, sure seems like YOU. Not Russia, not Ukraine, not boat captain and Gilligan, YOU.

In fact worse than no protecting them, we SOLD all these critical assets to ANYONE BUT THE UNITED STATES. Anyone. Ports to China? Sure! Electric Grid to Britain! Absolutely! Gas companies to Spain? Of course! Nuclear completely to France? Why not? Why would we want to own a single thing that makes money when Europe could own it all, rape and extract it, knock it all out, then colonize us? …That’s just silly!

Boy sure is “Capitalism” when nobody makes money, isn’t it? Sure is “Capitalism” when the STATE buys the bridge and picks what kind and who builds it. When all assets – utilities, roads, bridges – are owned by foreign governments in a public-private merger? Than CAN ONLY be authorized by the governors of those states…who could all each and every be overruled by the President, Congress, and probably Generals Flynn, Austin, and Milley?

Cry. Me. A. River. People like us have been telling you not to do this since the SIXTIES. DO NOT shut down every steel mill, every shipyard, every rail line, every locomotive factory. …To buy Dish TV with and a 20 foot bass boat. We said, AT A MINIMUM it would unemploy every American and kick you out of office if not with an armed rebellion. You DID IT ANYWAY. Now we have no steel girders, no lifting barges, no alternate rail lines.

Gee? However did that happen? Must be RussiaRussiaRussia. No: must be ClintonClintonClinton, and That Giant Sucking Sound. About how much we suck…after GH Bush…kicked this off…in 1989. And Nixon in 1970.

Is there ANYTHING that can remove the traitorous Managerial Class? Would hanging even get through their thick, knotted, useless skulls that each day anew are faced with real challenges: like mailing $2 stuff out of a call center – and then FAIL, UTTERLY at making choices that allow $2 goods to be mailed? Then take bonuses and vacations for it, breaking their arms giving each other hand jobs while flying to Acapulco scuba resorts where they can chat about “CO2 Pollution”?

And this is a group that already HAS a road system, a mail system, a power system, a PHONE system, a computer system, and STILL can’t do simple things a illiterate teenager could have done on the Illinois frontier in 1840?

Let me repeat: these guys are too stupid to BRIDGE. They are too stupid to FLOAT. That was all waaaaaaay too hard for them.

Who? “Them”? No. YOU. When you did nothing and didn’t give them the riot I am giving you now. When Bannon doesn’t stop Laura and say “Whoa, whoa, whoa there woman…” Terrorism? Yes, and YOU are the terrorists. You leave slabs of meat everywhere and wonder why there are bears.

Jeez, I dunno, must be the world’s greatest mystery! Can we get a study and find out??? And when that study comes back, do nothing and complain s’more?

Just take is as wrote here. WE did this terrorist attack. Same as if you walk from Bushwick to Harlem with $100 bills hanging out of all pockets.

March 29, 2024 at 4:06 pm#155774

D Benton Smith


When the ship hit the bridge the first thing that happened is that the bridge fell down and the second thing is trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure, employment and trade that would otherwise have been done through the Port of Baltimore became ZERO, making all of the INVESTMENTS in that commerce worth LESS than zero.

The smart money started making adjustments to minimize those losses before the water stopped splashing. Everyone who was too slow getting their money out of Baltimore-Connected dealings has now lost that money forever. And more importantly, the ones who saw it coming made a killing (no pun intended.)

Looking for a culprit for the “unanticipated” “accident”? That’s easy. Find out who made money from it.
We’re looking for the owners of a PLUCKED black swan.

I would pick up the investigative thread with the Nazi’s who own Maersk shipping, and expect to end up finding the usual suspects at the other end of the thread

Incidentally, Maersk is an interesting outfit. Very VERY interesting.

March 29, 2024 at 4:09 pm#155775

those darned kids


the new nfl hybrid kickoff will feature the nuclear football.

March 29, 2024 at 4:16 pm#155776



Clinton and Obama are going to be the training wheels on Biden’s fund raising bicycle? Too funny.

March 29, 2024 at 4:25 pm#155777



I know where the US has the money to fix the bridge and the economy.
In the promised support for Ukraine, Israel, and other military bases.
Ask the bankers to divert the money to the black swan event.

March 29, 2024 at 4:27 pm#155778

D Benton Smith



Clinton and Obama are going to be the training wheels on Biden’s fund raising bicycle?

That’s one the best metaphors I’ve read in years. World class.

March 29, 2024 at 4:29 pm#155779



Clinton and Obama should nominate their wives, at the convention, for president, and the wives should name their husband as V.P.

March 29, 2024 at 5:18 pm#155780

D Benton Smith


The event that will finally get everybody’s undivided attention is when they discover that they are broke and don’t legally own anything, and have a debt repayment demand that they must legally meet which they couldn’t pay off in several lifetimes of scrimping and saving.

When will people ever get it through their heads that the Dollars (that they compulsively denominate everything in) are a DEBT that depends for its “value” upon that debt being REPAID upon demand?

I know, I know, that’s just all too sophom*oric to tolerate, right?


What it is is the simple truth. The one that no one wants to listen to because they prefer to believe that their money and “legally owned” possessions are worth something. Well, I suppose one has to admit that they ARE worth SOMETHING. They’re worth the willingness and ability of the debtor to repay the IOU. If the debtor is unwilling or UNABLE to honor the IOU (the Dollar) then all you’re going to get from them when you demand that they give you real goods in exchange for “legal tender” is a blank stare.

The nation which prints Dollars is about 40 TRILLION Dollars in debt, and falling deeper into that black hole at the rate of another trillion every fiscal quarter. No sign of slowing. Quite the contrary. Throw in corporate and household is another 40. The entire magilla of real assets underpinning that mighty big loan might bring 100 trillion at auction on a good day. It’s looking more and more like a balance sheet that’s either already in the red (probable) or too close for comfort (if you’re feeling comfortable then I want to know what drug you’re taking.)

So all those dollars stored up in all sorts and forms of value representation (from digital ledger entries, to greenbacks to acres of mud in Missouri.) don’t belong to YOU. Legally speaking, they belong to the holders of all that DEBT, and when those debt holders demand repayment then they become the legal owners of all that real stuff. In which case you don’t LEGALLY own anything. Not even own the clothes on your back

Did I mention that America is in debt?

March 29, 2024 at 5:29 pm#155781



Ukronazi birth rate: the Lowest in the World!

Excellent culture to raise children in, assuming they don’t get sold as sex slaves to Western Blood Drinking Satanists.

“Ukro Male life expectancy has decreased from 66-67 before the war to 57-58”

Wow, 57-58

The Empire of Lies is headed in that direction

They even lie about that, what a shock.

It’s in the low 70’s below the middle middleclass.

Great way to economize.

Raise the retired age to 70 and lower the life expectancy below that.

Sweet, and pocket the difference

Meanwhile, the Russians are pistol whipping the Frenchtards and their little buttboys in UKtardistan by dissecting the Storm Shadow to see how to kill it even better than they are already doing

Russians take apart captured Storm Shadow missile

March 29, 2024 at 5:40 pm#155782



The Perfect Metaphor of Duh’merican Decline

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (23)

March 29, 2024 at 5:42 pm#155783



Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (25)

March 29, 2024 at 5:45 pm#155784



Caption Me:

We’re the Soul of Duh’merica

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (27)

March 29, 2024 at 5:47 pm#155785



re: weak bridge in a dumb location

We (Los Angeles) have one also… Vincent Thomas Bridge. It’s not vulnerable to direct strike, but it’s situated ‘outside’ about 60% of the capacity of the port. We’re one of 3 big port cities on the west coast.

I always considered it our Winchester Mansion, built in envy of the other great port cities that actually require bridges.

March 29, 2024 at 5:51 pm#155786



This has got to be some kinda New World Order thing.

The only thing grosser than pond scum is Hot Dog water on a hot summer day in the city.

Until now


Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (30)

March 29, 2024 at 6:07 pm#155787



Bridges aren’t made to withstand much sabotage

Just look under the hood

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (32)

March 29, 2024 at 6:19 pm#155788

Dr. D


“”Huge Problem”: Pentagon’s Rapid Wartime Response Cargo Ships Trapped In Baltimore After Bridge Collapse

Hahahahaaha! They sound like that Laura characture: “But there are PERMITS you need to get….” Hhahahaha! Exactly what we’re saying. THE ONLY THING STOPPING THINGS IS PAPERWORK. Rules. Law. Not #Reality. No s—t? Okay well, all permits are unnecessary now. Anything else? I got golf at 3. Oh, toxic waste in tunnels is DANGEROUS? Okay, don’t care, be careful then. Anything else? Can I finish this hooker now?

Sooooo… The US Navy is “Trapped in Baltimore?” Have they ASKED them yet? I mean, maybe they have “BOMBS” or something. You know, I’ve heard the Navy has U.S. Navy…salamanders…muskrats, otters or something, Unlike Ketanji Brown, I’m not an expert here. Supposedly they can “Swim” and even go further under water than a goose can? Have you asked them about it?

…No, of course they haven’t. We’re “Trapped”. Help! Help! We’re helpless! Oh noes. Flap flap…

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (34)

Just like Laura: “It’ll be down for 500 years!!!!!” “We have not another port in the continent!!!!”

No, they’ll drive 30 whole miles out of their way. They’ll GET someone to float this in 30 days IF THEY WANT TO. The cargo will be distributed evenly over every other port, including Montreal. IF THEY WANT TO.

Ah, But like my last comment, They don’t WANT to, do they? They Make S—t Up. Because they Caaaaaaaan, if they want to, print money and start making 777/Patriot/StormShadows, Raw Steel/Shipyards, Barges, Cranes, locomotives, and Caterpillar equipment. Okay, that’s not instant, but you think a CONTINENT of welders MIGHT be able to start getting out their first bridge, crane, arm loaders, in only 30 days? Out of junkyard parts? No?



Oh, there are 100,000 Billy-Bobs who are the Flathead Ford version of Tony Stark, who just got off a tour on an oil rig and would LOVE to have an blank-checkbook project.

Harvard caaaaaahhhhhhn’t. They don’t know how. DC caaaaaaaiiiin’t. They don’t know how. Langley can, but they don’t want to and are the ones who did it in the first place. But 49 of 50 States can, in about 30 days. Hell – I – will go out there all year and bring them coffee just to stand around. So will 90 Million other men.

So…what’s the hubub, bub?

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (35),small,507×507-pad,600×600,f8f8f8.jpg

There are no problems. THere are only MADE UP problems.

March 29, 2024 at 6:27 pm#155789

Dr. D


Ooooh! Look boys! They say we need PERMISSION!

Ain’t you skeeeered?

March 29, 2024 at 6:27 pm#155790



Well those unelected EU Brussels politicians may currently be powerless but they want to become powerful.
The only way they can be powerful, is to obtain direct taxation powers.
Just copying what their banker masters do.
Control the money.
They are also willing to kill as many Europeans as needed, to achieve power.

They just wish they had digital currencies now.
It would make everything they want to do, effortless.

US Sanctions are designed to keep us in the west, walled in.
That is why the sanctions are not hurting the Russians.
The sanctions are designed to hurt us, so we can’t climb over the wall!

The USD has fallen to a new low of $2230 per ounce of gold.
Canadians can no longer afford to buy any gold, as it is over $3,000 an ounce!
If Australian, sorry mate, it is over $3,400!

March 29, 2024 at 6:30 pm#155791

D Benton Smith



What impressed me most about the Russians reverse engineering the Storm Shadow was the “hands on” no-nonsense part of it. Western “experts” would have approached such a task with all sorts of theatrical foo-faw to impress grant donors into sending them more money. You know, gleaming technology and fancy laboratory camera angles, etc. All show, no go. The Ruskies, on the other hand, have REAL experts who know exactly what to do to get the result they need to accomplish the job that they see needs doing. and they just go in an do it. No muss, no fuss.

March 29, 2024 at 6:39 pm#155792

D Benton Smith



I’m beginning to see what the Gold Standard is. It’s the only moderately stable “real thing” that holds still long enough that you can use it to measure what your money and stuff is worth. Hence the word “standard”. Hence the confidence we can have in knowing that there is always going to be a need for it, if for no other reason than that one: you have to have a standard if you’re going to need to measure what things are worth.

March 29, 2024 at 6:48 pm#155793

Dr. D


Here, yet me put in in a way you can understand:

It’s simply about property rights. And your body is ALSO your property. And this is what we’re going to do you if you don’t knock it off.

Which comes from this:

Which is what we’ve done with American good humor SO FAR. Because we’re really easygoing and good natured like that. But now you’re sneaking around at night with gasoline and matches, know what I’m saying? HOPE the police catch you first. HOPE.

March 29, 2024 at 6:53 pm#155794



@DB Smith: I believe the correct spelling is ‘foo-farraw’. 🙂

Russian technical expertise is superior, IMO, because they understand the cyclic nature of everything. Hence, much better signals tech (radio, encryption, system integration). ‘West’-ish thinking, at least what can be seen, has been trained linear. Happy ending to every story, or some definite ending of some kind. Do this, and that happens. Work toward a permanent steady state of some kind, and never ever ever allow that new equilibrium to be subverted.


Dersu Uzala – “Look around. All is people.”

March 29, 2024 at 9:17 pm#155795




I love the Russians getting there hands on a Storm-Shadow in the field, and not skipping a beat breaking it down on the spot.

We can move it later, let’s do a quick inspection/overview, make sure there’s not a time delay self destruct fuse or back channel Com cutting in.

No we’re not gonna lose any parts plus we have a live video link up and running with the real pros back in Moscow and Aerospace who can direct and add comments until they can have someone in person on site. Virtual observation is better than nothing.

Ya, the Russians are like, you know, rocket scientists…. in the field

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (43)

March 29, 2024 at 9:18 pm#155796



Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (45)

March 29, 2024 at 10:05 pm#155800

Dr D Rich


What happened to pitch, roll or heel/ ‘keel over’?

Slide, maybe, if it’s flat-bottomed like an Iowa class battleship when it fired all 16 inch guns simultaneously, but that theory has been debunked by mass/velocity/energy analysis. The latter can be googled if you like maths.

Ships of Form tells you the ship’s momentum will “follow” the keel…naval architecture and naval engineering are required courses for all majors at very few institutions.

Dali still has:
A. one engine
B. a single screw
C. bow thruster
D. keel, not flat bottomed

Did it ground also?

March 29, 2024 at 11:27 pm#155801



Lead by Giants

The Few, the Proud, the Easter Bunny

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (48)

March 29, 2024 at 11:30 pm#155802



It’s a He/Haw/She’It transgender bunny with special needs

March 29, 2024 at 11:41 pm#155803

my parents said know


The tulips seem appropriately perky, don’t you think?

Debt Rattle March 29 2024 - The Automatic Earth (2024)
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