Is Athens Tap Water Safe to Drink? (2023)

Yes, tap water is drinkable.

Tap Safe includes data from many publicly available sources, including the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control), and user submitted databases, but unfortunately there's not enough data about Athens.

To see user submitted ratings of the water quality for Greece, see the "User Submitted Ratings" box on this page.

Athens tap water is safe to drink. What do we expect from the capital city of Greece? Most locals drink water directly from the tap. The taste may depend on your location and may differ from other European countries.

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Hotels will warn you if the water is not suitable for consumption. If you worry too much about the taste, bottled water is cheaper in the supermarket. And most restaurants do serve both bottled water and tap water.

Please be cautious that small towns and islands in Greece tap water’s are probably unsafe. Most of the islands get their drinking water from the mainland. The water of the isle is only good for bathing and cleaning.

Athens Tap Water

You probably have heard of the recent scandal involving water contaminants in Athens, Greece. Some say that the main culprit is the APM/EPSA company, responsible for the disposal and distribution of the city’s tap water. The APM/EPSA scandal has also been a factor in significant water problems throughout Europe, with big cities like London suffering severe water contamination after failing to update their wastewater systems. This was only one of many scandals that have rocked the world of water treatment and delivery. Now that you know what has happened in Greece let us move on to how you can avoid these problems in the future.

The only way you can be sure your tap water is clean is by installing a point-of-use water filter at home. Water filters attach to your faucets and remove all unwanted impurities from your drinking water. However, the only way you will know if your filter is doing its job is by constantly replacing the filter. If you find that the impurities are not getting eliminated, you should consider another type of filter.

There are other ways to ensure you are drinking clean tap water. For instance, you can install a shower head filter, which will instantly remove any lime or sediment from your tap water. You can also use an under-sink liquid dispenser or distiller to eliminate toxins from your drinking water.

Athens Drinking Water

The city of Athens is a beautiful place to visit. The weather is pleasant almost every day of the year, and there are many attractions nearby to enjoy. Recently though, drinking water has been under the spotlight. The municipal water treatment plant in Athens was violating EPA standards by allowing bacteria to enter the water that the city’s residents were consuming. This was a massive scandal for the city which led to vast amounts of outside funds being spent finding a solution to purify the water.

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Now though, the entire problem appears to have been solved. A massive overhaul of municipal regulations banned all types of bacteria and then cleared any other such impurities from being in the city’s water supply. This new water purification method is a significant improvement over the old ways that existed before. Now the water from your faucet will not only taste better, but it will also have absolutely no odor at all.

Unfortunately, there are still bacteria present in the water that the residents of Athens have to put up with every day. The people of Athens are also facing a contaminated future because of this new purifying system. If you want to see what it looks like when the water goes through this new system, check out a company’s website that provides purification for homes. You will then be able to judge for yourself if this new water purifier can live up to its promises of cleaner water. In the meantime, though, for your family’s health and safety, you must make an effort to filter your water.

Athens Water Quality

The essential thing you need to be aware of when looking for quality water to drink in Athens, Greece, is that there is a great deal of pollution. It is essential to know where your water comes from and how it is treated before you use it daily. Many people believe they are getting pure water when they are not, and this is because they do not know what is in their water.

Your first step in making sure your water is clean would be to have it tested by a certified agency. A company like EYELISS or other reputable water testing facility should be able to test your water and tell you what the levels are. They will then give you detailed instructions on how to purify your water. These instructions vary from company to company, but it should not take more than an hour to perform the test. The testing agency will send you a report showing the test results.

If the water testing agency tells you that your water quality is excellent, there is no reason to be concerned. However, if you find that you are consuming unhealthy amounts of chemicals such as pesticides, or if you or your family are experiencing any strange medical symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, and even memory loss, you may want to consider filtering your water. The water filtration process removes these contaminants and leaves you with purified water. Filtering is an easy way to improve your health and quality of life.

Athens Bottled Water

Do you know what is the best kind of water to get in Athens? If you are like most people globally, then the answer to this question will be complicated. When I was growing up in Athens, I remember a hotel near the Acropolis that had a tap water dispenser. Still, when you got far away from the city, you did not have access to this water, except for what the hotel staff used to make their water. It was a distilling station, which was not something that I am familiar with.

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What did you use to get water back then? Water from the borehole came out of the drilled hole and was filtered through the mill, which turned all the sediment and dirt loose before it hit the waterline. The water from the taps went through a large vacuum before hitting the large pipes that carry water throughout the city. Of course, this was before bottle-less water was ever invented. Bottled water, which most of us think of today, came on the scene after the war.

In any event, when I was growing up in Athens, I never paid much attention to where my water came from. If you lived on the east side, you got the water from the pump from the main water pipe to your house. If you lived on the west side, it was generally treated at home, or if you were lucky, you could get a small stream running through your neighborhood that would give you your water.

Athens Water Treatment Plant

When we talk about the Athens water treatment plant, many things make it one of the country’s most important plants. It is one of the largest and the most advanced water treatment plants all around the world. They have a wide range of methods to treat different water types and are very efficient in their work. Let us take a look at what the plant can do and what they have achieved so far.

The main reason why this Athens water treatment plant plays such an important role is the way it treats the water that it intakes. First of all, this plant uses very high technology in the process of purification. The water that comes from this plant is not only clean, but it is also safe. When they install these kinds of systems, they will ensure that there will be no impurities in the water itself will be safe. They also use some very advanced machines in the treatment processes, so it is essential to understand what these machines do to get the best results from the water you are taking.

Apart from this, they also install exceptional filters to ensure that your drinking water will be safe. The filters that they install will remove any impurities in the water, and this is why they will make sure that the water you will use will be free of any bacteria. If you want to be sure that you will get the best results out of the water that you will consume, then there is nothing better than using this plant. Athens is a city with a vibrant history, and if you want to feel the same, you should consume water that has been purified. Also, many people have benefited a lot from using this kind of water.

Water in Athens

If you are one of the many people of Athens suffering from a water shortage, you should start taking immediate action to bring back clean water to your home. This is very important since the consumption of water can cause many health problems in an individual. If your water supply is contaminated, you can become an affected person with different diseases. Besides, many other harmful effects may be brought about by water pollution.

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In Athens, the city government tries to do its best to provide the citizens with clean and healthy water. They have installed several filtration systems in different areas of the city to get pure water on demand. For example, if you shower in your house, it may not be enough to have clean water every time. You can either install a dispenser to give you clean water when you take a bath or shower or use a tap to acquire clean water.

Many water distribution companies have been provided with new pipes so that the city residents can now enjoy a constant water supply. The water you use should be clean and free of any impurities to keep you healthy and fit. If you are still having issues getting a clean water supply, you should report this to the city officials and see what can be done to a better water supply. If you have any idea of where the water supply is leaking from, you can help yourself by installing a filtration system so that your water will always be clean and fresh.

Athens Water Sources

There are many locations in Greece where the water from the Athens water sources does not reach. For this reason, the residents of these areas must look for different ways through which they can use the water for domestic and commercial purposes. It is mainly because the water from the Athens water sources is not enough to meet the needs of the residents of these places.

The main reason behind this is that there are no pipes that carry the water from the Athens water sources to the different parts of the city. As a result, these places’ residents will have to take a different approach to access the water they need. However, various types of filtration units are available in the market from which you can choose the most suitable for you.

Apart from this, you also need to understand that the cost of getting the water from the different sources of water should also be considered when you are trying to locate the water source. This means that you need to make comparisons between various models that are available in the market. To make this comparison more meaningful, it is best to go for consumer reports, which will help you better understand the best models of the filtration units. Once you get the basics right, it will not be long before you start getting the purified water for your needs at a reasonable price.

Athens tap water primary source comes from surface water. Another source supplied by boreholes to reach groundwater.

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The Lake Marathon and Lake Yliki are the two surface water supplying the capital. Lake Marathon, located close to the city, has a capacity of 41 million cubic meters and tapped through the Boyati tunnel. And Lake Yliki is located 60 km northwest of Athens has a capacity of 590 million cubic meters. Another source is the Mornos reservoir has a capacity of 780 million cubic meters and Evinos reservoir with a capacity of 140 million cubic meters. Both reservoirs water tapped through tunnels.

Due to lack of rainfall during the 90s the city used a backup water supply. The 105 boreholes in three wellfields are used during an emergency.

The local supplies managed by EYDAP, a merged of incumbent water supplier in Athens and Piraeus(Hellenic Water Company and Greater Athens Sewerage Organization).

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Is Athens Tap Water Safe to Drink? ›

Is it safe? The answer is yes. Tap water in Athens is absolutely safe to drink. This is why we do not have to buy water bottles since all buildings have direct access to drinkable water from the nearby lakes Marathon and Yliki.

Is it safe to drink Greek tap water? ›

If you are in the main cities on the Greek mainland, such as Athens and Thessaloniki, tap water is generally considered safe for consumption. However, it is always a good idea to check with your hotel or accommodation for any specific guidelines or advisories.

How clean is the water in Athens? ›

💦 Do Greek Locals Drink the Water? Locals in mainland Greece will drink tap water in places like Athens and Thessaloniki. There, the tap water is generally safe to drink and it comes from a good water supply.

Can US citizens drink the water in Greece? ›

💦 Can Americans Drink the Water in Greece? Yes! Americans can drink tap water in the parts of Greece where it is safe to do so (like Athens or Thessaloniki). The water quality in these parts of Greece meets the standards set by the European Union, ensuring its safety for consumption.

Where does Athens get its water from? ›

The surface water sources include the artificial Marathon Lake, the natural Lake Yliki, and the Mornos River. These sources are supplemented by groundwater sources, which include wells located throughout the greater Attica region.

Can you brush your teeth with Greek tap water? ›

If you are wondering if you can drink the water in Greece, you probably want to know if you can use it to brush your teeth too. Brushing your teeth with tap water in Greece is absolutely fine.

Can I flush toilet paper in Athens? ›

Don't Flush Toilet Paper in Athens

After a little research, I discovered the pipes in Athens (and other places around Greece) are just too narrow for paper.

Can I brush my teeth with tap water in Athens? ›

On many small islands, even using my amazing Grayl filter, it tastes so bad that it is undrinkable. Using tap water for brushing your teeth or washing fruits and veggies is usually okay. But if hygiene is a top concern for you, there's nothing wrong with using bottled water in these situations too.

Is tipping expected in Greece? ›

While it is customary to tip in Greece, it is not considered rude if you choose not to tip. Tipping is seen as a gesture of appreciation for good service, but it is ultimately a personal decision.

Can you drink Santorini tap water? ›

Unfortunately, you can't drink the tap water in Santorini. While this stunning Greek island may be a paradise for the eyes, its tap water doesn't quite make the cut for quenching your thirst. The local water supply, while safe for other uses, is not recommended for drinking.

Can Americans drink tap water in Europe? ›

Europe's Water Is Generally Safe

The tap water throughout most of Europe is completely safe to drink. The taps in hotels, homes, restaurants and cafés all run with potable water. Of course, there's always room for common sense.

Is water free at Greece restaurant? ›

But some restaurants may try to pull a fast one and bring you bottled spring water which you have to pay for. You can return it and ask for a nero ap ti vrissi , literally 'water from the spring', though you are asking for water from the sink. You can buy some really nice Greek wines by the bottle.

Does Greece have a water problem? ›

Several regions of Greece are currently facing severe drought conditions that are affecting agriculture and putting water supplies at risk.

Does Greece have a sewage system? ›

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of accommodations, cafes, bars, shops and restaurants, the answer is “yes, it is true!” Much of Greece's sewage systems was installed during the 1930's and 1940's (by the British) using small bore pipe-work that simply cannot cope with paper waste.

Does Athens have soft or hard water? ›

Is the tap water hard or soft or maybe somewhere in between? In general, Northern Greece and mainly Thessaloniki has hard water , Athens and wider Attica are at reasonable levels, while Halkidiki and the islands have very hard water and in summer it is almost brackish.

Can I drink Santorini tap water? ›

Unfortunately, you can't drink the tap water in Santorini. While this stunning Greek island may be a paradise for the eyes, its tap water doesn't quite make the cut for quenching your thirst. The local water supply, while safe for other uses, is not recommended for drinking.

Does Greek water have fluoride? ›

Greece. There is no water fluoridation in Greece.

Are Greek waters safe to swim in? ›

The Greek beaches, known for their clear turquoise waters, offer safe swimming conditions, and the chances of encountering a shark while enjoying the pristine beaches and engaging in water activities are extremely slim.

Can you drink tap water in Kalamata? ›

The water is perfectly fine to drink although it's always a good idea to carry a bottle around just to rehydrate! Keep a few bottles in your hotel room as well! On the isles, I always use bottled water..but will drink the water when offered at cafes, etc.. EnjoY!


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