Never Buy This Car Insurance (2023)


Never Buy This Car Insurance, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic with Scotty Kilmer. If you're buying a car don't use this car insurance. Car insurance scams. The worst car insurance you should stay away from. Bad car insurance to avoid. Here's why car insurance companies are scamming you. Car insurance explained. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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Rev up your engines, today, I'm going to talk a car insurance company that you should not buy car insurance from.

Now, of course, all car insurance and all insurance companies are out to make a profit.

They take your premiums and try to get them as high as they can.

Then they try to pay out as little as possible to make a profit, those giant insurance company towers like the AIG one.

That's 3 blocks from here didn't get built for free, it wasn't jack and the bean stalk.

It's your insurance premiums that made them make a lot of money, to build those buildings and to pay themselves a lot, and to give you an example of my own personal car, insurance, I've been driving for 45 years, well over $70,000 in car insurance, premiums, and over those 45 years.

The claims that I put in and got paid, for, I'm a good driver, came down to less than $6,000.

So do the math who came out, the insurance company did.

They came out like bank robbers.

If you take all the other insurance that I've paid in the last 45 years, house, insurance, health, insurance, and car insurance, your talking over $240,000 that I gave to insurance, companies, I have had claims paid for the house for hurricane damage and health stuff done to me of less than $40,000 total.

They made $200,000 off of me, so realize these insurance companies are making a lot of money.

Look at all the advertising they do, hey.

They spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising to try to get you to give them money, so they can make more profit, so I'm going to show you which car company is the worst one that you shouldn't deal with for buying car insurance, and the winner of this competition or should I, say loser, Mapfre.

You may have never heard of them, but they insure lots of things for other people.

Mapfre is a spanish company.

So why am I talking about it,? Well, they bought a massachusetts.

Only company called commerce insurance.

This was in 2008.

Then the commerce joined mapfre, huge worldwide insurance that has more than 50,000 agents, I'm, not making this up, 50,000 insurance.

Agents, now this particular company serves mainly the new england area in the US, but worldwide their in over 49 countries serving over 35 million people, and at least here in the US.

If you think bigger is better, not in this case, they have so many complaints against them.

They have complaints that they kept billing customers, even though they cancelled the insurance, of keep jacking up people's rates, even though they haven't been in any accidents, and even not paying for work at a body shop.

When people had their cars wrecked, they just flat out refused to pay.

As a mechanic I see this happening with many different insurance, companies, I remember going to a customer once to a state, farm, and all I heard the agent in his private office, I'd pick up the phone and say,: oh I'm, sorry your not covered for that, oh I'm, sorry, your not covered for that.

You know they want to make in as much as they can and pay out as little as possible, and make you jump through hoops half the time to get something that you've already paid for.

Now another company, that's known for being a poor insurance company used for cars, is Metlife, yeah their like the largest life insurance sellers in the US, metlife had $2.5 trillion in policies written the last time, I checked, well, of course, like everybody else in big business, they get greedy, now, of course, they've expanded into car insurance and stuff, and from my customers experience and others that I've met, they often do a horrible job.

Insuring cars, I had a customer who was quoted $250 a month which is high enough, and then, when they got their bill, it was actually $500 something, and they just said of, we made a mistake when we gave you a quote.

So here's what you owe us now, I had another customer with metlife.

They had no accidents for 5 years.

They just had their insurance policy raised by 25%, so they called up and said: what's up, I didn't get in any accidents, and they said well, that's the way it is and we're going to cancel your policy when it's over, because we don't like your attitude.

These insurance companies are huge.

They can basically do as they please, they take in all the premium.


Of course it's to their advantage to pay out as little as possible, but in many places it's law that you have to have car insurance.

Now here in the state of texas, it isn't law, if you can prove financial responsibility like if you have more than $200,000 in the bank or something.

You can use.

That has proof of insurance.

If you want to, but of course the whole point of the insurance company is they try to scare you and saying that? Oh, your safe, your covered now,? Well, they make a fortune because it's all done through math.

They can't lose.

Whenever something bad happens, then they just raise the rates in the future, like here in Houston last time we had a big hurricane, guess what all the insurance rates went up, and they put a disclaimers in every one that would say.

Oh the first $20,000 of hurricane damage.

You have to pay for that's the deductible only for hurricane damage, so you don't want to use a bad company.

It's bad enough that your giving them a ton of your money, when something bad does happen, hey.

You want them to pay for the damage that was done and not raise your rates, but unfortunately that's how a lot of these companies work, I'll, give you my own personal example, I had one car insurance and they made a mistake and instead of emailing me the bill for the year they emailed it to my wife, so I didn't see.

It, I've been with this company for 10 years.

Then they dropped me because they said, well, you didn't pay, and I said well, I didn't get a bill, I didn't get one in the mail, they said.

Oh, we only do it online now, I said well.

Who did you email it to, and they mailed it to my wife's email, I said I'm the one paying it, it's my email.

You should have mailed it to me, so they dropped me.

Then I went all over the place, trying to buy insurance and they said.

Oh well, you had a lapse in coverage and now we want $4,500 a year instead of the $900.

That I was paying, so I finally got liberty, mutual, they decided they were going to give me a policy, and it was more than I'd been paying before it was like $1,200 a year, and before I was paying less than $1,000, but I had no accidents the year.

I was with them, and then the next year they raised it 25% for no reason whatsoever, but then funny enough, like I, said these huge corporations.

One side doesn't know what the other is doing.

My original company that dropped me because they said I had a lapse in coverage and they wouldn't cover me.

They kept sending me a little credit card thing that says, oh, we'll, give you a good deal.

So I went back to them and got the price that I had in the original place from the company.

That said they didn't want to insure my anymore.

Then they kept sending me things that say of we want to insure you, it crazy.

They way these companies operate, now I'm sure a lot of people out there have a problem with their insurance companies.

Too, I'll give a mention to farmers their a pretty bad insurance, company, I've had customers have problems, getting claims paid from them and then having their rates jacked up.

If they get in a little fender bender, a lot of them.

They just don't care about you, but at least now you know two of them that you should stay away from and when your in the market for buying insurance asks your friends what experiences they have, just don't go out and buy it randomly, because you don't want to be stuck with one of these bad companies that when you do get in a pinch, a something happens, they make.

You go through a lot of hoops to get something that you've already paid for.

So if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair, videos, remember to ring that bell.


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