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Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (1)

charles cook

11/22/2022 whoever delivered the mail in forest hill put the mail in any box on old locke road. Even though most of the boxes are clearly marked. I get mail every day except Sunday, but on this date i didn't receive any.


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (2)

Mary Sisneros

On Monday (10/10) I put an envelope in my mailbox for pickup. According to my USPS notification email I was not expecting any mail that day. Apparently since my mail carrier didn't have to drop off mail he also didn't have to pick it up either! I had my red flag up and they just ignored it. The next day I did have mail and it finally got picked up. Yesterday (10/12) I was notified we were getting a lot of mail and my mail person delivered absolutely nothing, that is if they even came by. My husband checked at 8:15 PM and still no mail. This is ridiculous 😒


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (3)

Sandra Petech

Mail carrier did not pick up my mail today didn’t even see them in neighborhood which is Ivy trails subdivision


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (4)


I wanted to share the horrible experience my daughters had at the Olive Branch Post Office with GWENDOLYN today! She is extremely rude and unprofessional! My daughters went to ship a package overseas to my sister and after filling out the customs form they were told to fill out an additional label to put on the pkg. This IS NOT required since the address is already on the customs label yet she told them they would do so because she said so, OH REALLY?! She argued with her co-worker who called her out and sent my daughters away to fill out a label. Needless to say, my girls got out of her line and waited for the professional postal worker with actual customer service skills because I raised them right and they WILL NOT be disrespected. It's the holiday season and no reason to be a scrooge but I have witnessed GWENDOLYN'S extremely rude, unprofessional behavior every time I'm there. Approach her line with caution!


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (5)


I have no fight in this battle, but I do find it odd that you feel the need to tell the world that you raised your daughters the right way which includes them overreacting and feeling disrespected by an adult in a government office who simply asked them to fill out a form. I really hope they didn't respond to her with the same illogical attitude you just displayed otherwise everyone sees how you raised your daughter without your telling us.You're welcome.

• Replied to Queneta

Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (6)

Patricia Eldredge


Complaint - For the last few years, our mail has been delivered (most of the time) by 4:30pm each day - some days it was delivered by 2:30pm. For the last few weeks, we're lucky to get it before 6:00pm. Today, 12/4/2020, it's now 6:04pm and it still hasn't been delivered. Olive Branch is not that big of a town that it takes getting mail this late. We know we have mail - there is never a delivery day goes by that we don't get any.


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (7)

Dale Besinger

I live at4130, Redwood Dr, Olive Branch MISSISSIPPI 38654, United States And every Saturday your mail carrier flys thru our neighborhood and we have pets and children playing and it don’t slow them down any also we’ve had packages delivered to the wrong houses and left out in the rain and we all have porches to drop off in and kept dry. I would like someone to email me back and take care of this problem everyone in the neighborhood is sick of this happening and want it stopped now. Thank youDale R. Besinger


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (8)

Tina Schubert


I am having an issue with mail being delivered to someone else because the street names in the neighborhood are all similar. I have tried to call to speak to the postmaster and no one answers the phone at Olive Branch. This is unacceptable.


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (9)

Ovonne Wooten

Maybe I'm expecting to much but I thought mail delivery is normally Mon. through Sat. Well that's not the norm in Olive Branch. We go days without mail delivery, have three different carriers not to mention the times of delivery. It varies from early afternoon to late evening. so you never know who or when your mail will be delivered. I've heard they have a contracted service delivering mail, if anyone has contact information I would greatly appreciate it.


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (10)

Elaine Green

After weeks of getting mail late (anywhere from 5:10 - 6:30 pm), there has been a great improvement. Now it's been around 4 or 4:15. Thanks for listening.


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (11)



Is it typical to leave loose mail/letters/bills at the front door when leaving a package?Our mail carrier, rang the door bell and left a package at our front door with loose mail. I'm glad I was home!


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (12)

Kayla Edwards


I typically have no issues with my everyday mail delivery, however, when expecting packages, I ALWAYS have issues. When tracking, it shows that they have left Memphis and MAYBE 1 out of 20 times, they will check them in at OB... they usually never show that they have been checked in, they always arrive much later than the expected delivery date and the employees are extremely unhelpful. I wouldn't be saying anything if this had happened once or twice.... but it is with EVERY package that comes USPS. Explain to me how a package can get from Colorado to Memphis in less than 24 hours but then takes over a week to make it to my house after leaving Memphis.


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (13)

Terry Shelby


Mail should run everyday at 5:15 pm came home no mail that's ok but my neighbor had a package that's has not gone out because the mail did not run in Eastover Blvd olive branch ms 38654 sad older people do not go out and depend on mail run and it does not bad business but you guys do not care maybe FedEx needs to start delivering all mail because you guys cannot


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (14)

michele peel

I am an artist, and I asked about the cost of insurance when mailing my paintings to customers. I spoke with an oriental woman, Monday morning, Jan. 23, 2017. I am sorry I did not get her name. She was extremely rude and unhelpful!! She told me I could not get insurance, because I could not "prove" the worth of my paintings!! She was extremely condescending and ugly. I told her that the only reason I would be mailing a painting would be if someone bought it, and the cost of the painting clearly established the worth of the painting!! She acted as though she didn't believe me and continue to argue with me. Just who does she think she is? It was a terribly upsetting and humiliation experience!! No one should have to be embarrassed and humiliated in front of other customers as I was! I'm not used to being talked down to and treated like a "nothing!" I have never had anyone question the value of my art - she had never seen it. I took a blank canvas with me to weight it to try to determine the cost of postage and insurance for an 11 by 14 canvas. I am extremely disappointed with the service I got at the Olive Branch post office. I will mail my paintings with FEDEX!!!!!!


Post Office in Olive Branch, MS (15)

Jennifer Groves


I do not recommend using this service if you have to. Especially if you live in the Lewisburg district. We have three different mail carriers and none of them can be there before five. I was waiting on a book to come in today and because I only had one item or the mail person didn't feel like driving up my driveway or it was five o clock somewhere and they thirsty or they too wanted to read the book but didn't want to pay the twenty and are at their house relaxing and reading MY property, I have to pay AGAIN for my package to be delivered.


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