Revealed: Growing Number of Young People Now Identify as 'Gender Season' - Long Island, NY (2024)

Just when it seemed that the infinite proliferation of alternate “genders” could not get any more absurd, the bowels of TikTok have belched forth another false identity to mislead and confuse America’s kids.

Now, in addition to “nonbinary,” “agender,” “two-spirit,” “tri-gender” and other even more absurd fake genders, “gender season” has begun gaining ground among the poor, confused souls on TikTok.

“Gender season,” you might ask? Like deer season or duck season?

Alas, no. Instead, according to a TikTok made by user inkfizzexplains, “gender season” is “a xenogender that is connected to more than one season. It can be all seasons or just a few, and it might or might not be fluid.”

@inkfizzexplains i just started using this one 😀 #seasons#seasonalgender#fallgender#autumngender#wintergender#springgender #xenogendershopping#xenogenders#xenogender#xenogendersarevalid#xenogenderhoarder#explaining#xenogendersafespace#neopronouns#xenopronouns#xenos#xenosarevalid#xenogenderhoard#xenogenderpride#xenogendersrawesome#xenogenderuser#viral#lgbtq#trans#transgender#nonbinary#foryourpage#foryoupage#foryou#foru#fypage#fyp#fy#fypシ#fypp ♬ I Prefer My Pizza 90% Grease – OMORI

For those still lost, the TikToker expounded on the definition, adding a list “neopronouns” that include “snow/snowself,” “winter/winterself,” “sun/sunself,” etc.

Another user, s3xtheorywithdee — charming name! — perhaps knowing folks had seen the prior video and knew less than they did before, also tried to define “gender season.”

@s3xtheorywithdee For more head over to my YT xo #genderseason #trans #queer #transgender #nonbinary #identity #expression #season #changeinweather ♬ original sound – S3xTheorywithDee

According to her, gender season is a “micro-identity” and is “an individual who explores their gender identity in relation to a season or all of the seasons.”

The gender season individual “might be somebody whose gender expression and identity is linked to one season, so, for example, winter.”

She then continued her explanation (which did not explain), saying, “Or this might be somebody whose gender identity and expression changes depending on the season.”

Again, there was no explanation for what it means for one’s gender to be tied to a season.

The Daily Mail, in reporting on this phenomenon, tried to clarify, informing its readers that it could mean that someone might decide they feel more masculine in the winter, or more feminine in the spring.

Likewise, the Mail found a link between “gender season” and “ecosexuality,” or, feeling sexual attraction toward nature (such as, most infamously, the Canadian woman who decided she was in love with a tree).

Is our civilization doomed?

As the earlier user, real name Dee Whitnell, explained in a video on her YouTube channel, per the Daily Mail, “I feel more masculine in the summertime, I wear more masculine clothing, I wear shorts, I normally have my hair up more and I just feel more boy. Whereas in the wintertime, for some reason, girl mode comes out and I’m loving skirts and dresses and having my hair down.”

Which most people have called “having summer and winter clothes,” but perhaps the poor, confused teenagers on TikTok know better than everyone else.

In all seriousness, though, as ridiculous as “gender season” sounds, it seems to be another symptom of the mental illness plaguing our country’s youth.

Laughable as it was at first glance, the obsessions with gender and “gender identity” have led to children getting healthy body parts cut off and them being pumped with hormones that have irrevocably damaged their bodies.

And, despite what the left has claimed for years, those mutilations haven’t helped these children’s unhappiness. Rather, they have only exacerbated the lack of joy, creating a scourge of suicidal trans folks.

As CNN reported last summer, “People who identify as transgender have significantly higher rates of suicide and suicide attempts compared to the rest of the population, according to a population-level study out of Denmark.”

The outlet relayed that the survey of over 6.6 million people found that those identifying as “trans” had 7.7 times the rate of suicide attempts and 3.5 times the rate of deaths from suicide than the broader Danish population.

It all brings us to this question: When will the suffering and madness end?Society needs to bring back science and remember the simple truth of biology that there are only two genders — male and female.

Otherwise, more children will fall into this confusion, and even more children’s lives will be ruined.


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Revealed: Growing Number of Young People Now Identify as 'Gender Season' - Long Island, NY (1)

Revealed: Growing Number of Young People Now Identify as 'Gender Season' - Long Island, NY (2024)
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