Sport Clips Haircuts of Sachse/Wylie - Wylie, TX 75098 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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The Sport Clips experience in Wylie, TX includes sports on TV, legendary steamed towel treatment, and a great haircut from our stylists who are the Pros in Mens Hair and specialize in men’s and boys’ hair care. You’ll walk out feeling like an MVP. At Sport Clips, we’ve turned something you have to do, into something you want to do. And now with our online check in system, you can choose your stylist, check approximate wait times, and wait for your haircut from work, home or even the ballpark!

Sport Clips Haircuts of Sachse/Wylie - Wylie, TX 75098 - Services and Reviews (2)

Located In: Woodbridge Center



Friday9 AM–8 PM
Saturday9 AM–6 PM
Sunday10 AM–5 PM
Monday9 AM–8 PM
Tuesday9 AM–8 PM
Wednesday9 AM–8 PM
Thursday9 AM–8 PM


Hair Salon
Kids’ cuts
Beard Trim
Simple trim to complete detail.
Classic Cuts
Double MVP Experience
Double time on Massaging Shampoo and Neck and Shoulder Massage.
Eyebrow Trim
Fashionable Hairstyles
Free Neck Trim
Complimentary neck trim between haircuts.
Hair Cutting
Precision Haircut.
MVP Experience
Precision Haircut, Legendary Hot Towel Treatment, Refreshing Massaging Shampoo, Invigorating Neck and Shoulder Massage.
Men Sport
Sport Clips
Sports Cut
Triple MVP Experience
Triple time on Massaging Shampoo and Neck and Shoulder Massage.
Triple Play
Precision Haircut, Legendary Hot Towel Treatment, Refreshing Massaging Shampoo.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 805 Woodbridge Pkwy #600, Wylie, TX 75098

Phone: (972) 442-6444


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We have lollipops for the adults too! #mvp #sportclips #prosinmenshair #boyshaircut

6 days ago

Nothing like a hot towel on a cold day. We will keep them warm for you. Just ask for the MVP! #MVP #hottowel…

Jan 25, 2023

This could be you… Just saying. #sportclips #MVP #prosinmenshair

Jan 20, 2023

No matter how you choose to internet, our online check-in will be there. Check-in on your phone, tablet, or desktop and…

Jan 10, 2023

New year, new haircut? Maybe 2023 is the year to branch out and try a new look. #newyear #sportclipshaircuts #MVP

Jan 2, 2023

Nothing like a good lollipop to finish a great haircut! We specialize in boys’ haircuts, so make sure to bring little junior…

Dec 27, 2022

The holidays are right around the corner, and we are ready for those last-minute haircuts. Make sure you are looking yo…

Dec 22, 2022

It is pretty straight forward. Life is better with the MVP. Try it today! #sportclipshaircuts #MVP #haircuts…

Dec 19, 2022

There is no connection quite like the Stylists to Clients connection we have here at Sport Clips. If you have a…

Nov 29, 2022

The best store is a clean store. We promise to have our store in tip-top shape for you every single day. #sportsclipshairc…

Nov 25, 2022

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Sport Clips Wylie: Haircuts for Men

Looking for a haircut in Wylie? Sport Clips elevates the barber shop … Sport Clips Haircuts of Sachse/Wylie. 805 Woodbridge Pkwy #600 Wylie, Texas 75098.

Sport Clips Haircuts of Sachse/Wylie – Home – Facebook

805 Woodbridge Pkwy #600, Wylie, TX 75098. Get Directions · Rating · 4.1. (17 reviews) · 397 people checked in here · (972) 442-6444 ·…

Reviews | Stylist – Sport Clips Wylie

Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Sachse/Wylie … I’m writing this review about Kesha. She is great! Very thorough, very attentive, very knowledgeable.


Chase Miller

Wow! The level of professionalism and friendliness at this establishment is second to none. This was my first time going to this store and I was more than pleased with my visit. The salon was clean, the stylists we’re friendly, and the hair cut was exceptional. I will definitely be back! Amanda was great and a joy to have cut my hair.

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Tony Foster

Lin Pritchett is the most amazing manager. She is so personable with everyone who comes in to her store. She makes it fun and makes you feel very special. She cuts my son’s hair all the time. She always makes him and me feel like we are the most important customers there. That’s just it it’s like her way of delivering outstanding customer service. She makes everyone feel this way. She cuts all ages of customers. I’m surprised she doesn’t have a line over a mile long waiting for her from everyone in Wylie wanting her to cut their hair.

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Bad Idea Garage

I’ve been going here for about 3 years now and used to love it. At the beginning no matter which stylist cut my hair the quality would be well worth the $22 and a tip. Sadly, more recently I’ve been coming home with a lot of hard lines and notches in my hair. As long as you stick with Linn, Rosa, and one other (I forgot her name) you’ll be more than happy.

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Pranav Gupta

While the stylist did do my trim, she actually made me wait to give her a tip. I usually like to tip but this was just silly when the one in murphy never even makes us wait.

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Nick Diacossavas

Tiffany is awesome she cuts my hair exactly the way I want it done and she is so nice and sweet! Ask for TiffanyNick

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Laurin Holley

We went here and I got my two very picky sons haircut and we were very impressed! The artists were awesome and the manager, Linn, went above and beyond to make sure my sons were satisfied and took notes for next time. Linn not only took care of the boys but she took care of me as well. I was having anxiety badly and she assured me that I can relax as we were in good hands, and she was absolutely right. She didn’t have to do that! Above and beyond!! We’ll be going in to see her again today! I can’t say this for every location but for this one, the team is amazing!

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Sharon Miller

I bring my client here every week. The environment is so welcoming, Lin greets my client with open arms and so cheerful with great spirits. It’s always clean and smells so good, ALL staff is nice. I highly recommend this place ❤️❤️❤️Haircut

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Matt Walker

What can you say about this place? It’s a quick haircut place. The staff always do a good job… been many times and always leave looking better. If you’re in need of a quick men’s haircut – this is my go to spot. Never had any issue, and online check in helps cut down the I person wait time.

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Lucas Willoughby

Had the best hair cut experience ever here with amber. Not only an awesome hair cut but an awesome environment with a cool conversation while getting your hair cut couldn’t be better!Beard trim,Haircut

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Courtney Sanderson

Took great care of my 5 year Olds back to school cut. He walked in a shaggy lil pup and left looking like a brand new man! Thanks!

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Sport Clips Haircuts of Sachse/Wylie - Wylie, TX 75098 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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