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Feb. 21, 2024, 7:36 PM ET (AP)

What's the latest in the investigation of the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade?

Feb. 21, 2024, 4:50 PM ET (AP)

Beyoncé becomes first Black woman to claim top spot on Billboard's country music chart

Feb. 20, 2024, 5:05 PM ET (AP)

2 adults are charged with murder in the deadly shooting at Kansas City's Super Bowl celebration

Feb. 17, 2024, 9:36 AM ET (AP)

An ecstatic Super Bowl rally, upended by the terror of a mass shooting. How is Kansas City faring?

Feb. 16, 2024, 7:06 PM ET (AP)

2 juveniles charged in mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade

Top Questions

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the U.S. National Football League (NFL), a federation of professional gridiron football teams. It is played by the winners of the NFL’s American Football Conference and National Football Conference championships, usually in January or February, and is hosted in a different city each year.

When was the first Super Bowl held?

The first Super Bowl was held on January 15, 1967. Arising out of a merger of the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL), it was originally called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” It was hosted in Los Angeles, California, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Which football teams competed in the first Super Bowl?

In 1967 the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers competed against the American Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs for the first Super Bowl championship title. The Packers defeated the Chiefs 35–10.

How has the Super Bowl’s halftime entertainment changed over time?

The Super Bowl’s halftime entertainment has been a major attraction of the championship game since the first Super Bowl in 1967. Originally featuring marching bands, military drill teams, and even astronauts, it has since changed with the decades. At various times, performers have included Broadway singers, classic rock bands, and sensational pop star acts.

Why are Super Bowl ads so important?

The Super Bowl has topped television ratings in the United States every year since the first championship game in 1967. This has made commercial time during its broadcast the most expensive of any televised event in the United States. In 2016, for example, a 30-second spot cost approximately $4.8 million. Since the 1980s, the Super Bowl’s commercials have garnered nearly as much interest as the game itself, particularly after Apple’s blockbuster 1984 ad.

Super Bowl, in U.S. professional football, the championship game of the National Football League (NFL), played by the winners of the league’s American Football Conference and National Football Conference each January or February. The game is hosted by a different city each year.

(Read Walter Camp’s 1903 Britannica essay on inventing American football.)

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The game grew out of the merger of the NFL and rival American Football League (AFL) in 1966. The agreement called for an end-of-season championship game, and, although the merger was not finalized until 1970, the first such game, then called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game, was played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 15, 1967. Broadcast on two television networks and played before less than a sellout crowd, the game saw the NFL’s Green Bay Packers defeat the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, 35–10. The name “Super Bowl” first appeared in 1969, as did the use of Roman numerals, which, because the game is played in a different year from the season it culminates, are used to designate the individual games.

The day of the Super Bowl game, known as Super Bowl Sunday, has evolved into an unofficial American holiday, with viewing parties held in homes, taverns, and restaurants throughout the country. The week prior to the game is highlighted by extensive media buildup and a festival atmosphere in the host city. The game itself is accompanied by elaborate pregame and halftime ceremonies and entertainment.

All Super Bowls since the first have been sellouts and consistent TV-ratings leaders, with many Super Bowls among the highest-rated televised sporting events of all time. As a result, commercial time during the game is the most expensive of the year; for example, in 2016 a 30-second spot cost approximately $4.8 million. The high-profile advertisem*nts have featured celebrities and noted filmmakers as well as new technologies in hopes of making an impression on the huge Super Bowl audience. Since the 1980s, media scrutiny of and public interest in Super Bowl commercials have nearly matched that accorded the game itself.

The table provides a list of Super Bowl results.

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Super Bowl*
season result
*NFL-AFL championship 1966–70. NFL championship from 1970–71 season onward.
**The game was won in overtime.
I 1966–67 Green Bay Packers (NFL) 35 Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) 10
II 1967–68 Green Bay Packers (NFL) 33 Oakland Raiders (AFL) 14
III 1968–69 New York Jets (AFL) 16 Baltimore Colts (NFL) 7
IV 1969–70 Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) 23 Minnesota Vikings (NFL) 7
V 1970–71 Baltimore Colts (AFC) 16 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 13
VI 1971–72 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 24 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 3
VII 1972–73 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 14 Washington Redskins (NFC) 7
VIII 1973–74 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 24 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 7
IX 1974–75 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 16 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 6
X 1975–76 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 21 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 17
XI 1976–77 Oakland Raiders (AFC) 32 Minnesota Vikings (NFC) 14
XII 1977–78 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 27 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XIII 1978–79 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 35 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 31
XIV 1979–80 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 31 Los Angeles Rams (NFC) 19
XV 1980–81 Oakland Raiders (AFC) 27 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 10
XVI 1981–82 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 26 Cincinnati Bengals (AFC) 21
XVII 1982–83 Washington Redskins (NFC) 27 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 17
XVIII 1983–84 Los Angeles Raiders (AFC) 38 Washington Redskins (NFC) 9
XIX 1984–85 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 38 Miami Dolphins (AFC) 16
XX 1985–86 Chicago Bears (NFC) 46 New England Patriots (AFC) 10
XXI 1986–87 New York Giants (NFC) 39 Denver Broncos (AFC) 20
XXII 1987–88 Washington Redskins (NFC) 42 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XXIII 1988–89 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 20 Cincinnati Bengals (AFC) 16
XXIV 1989–90 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 55 Denver Broncos (AFC) 10
XXV 1990–91 New York Giants (NFC) 20 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 19
XXVI 1991–92 Washington Redskins (NFC) 37 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 24
XXVII 1992–93 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 52 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 17
XXVIII 1993–94 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 30 Buffalo Bills (AFC) 13
XXIX 1994–95 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 49 San Diego Chargers (AFC) 26
XXX 1995–96 Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 27 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 17
XXXI 1996–97 Green Bay Packers (NFC) 35 New England Patriots (AFC) 21
XXXII 1997–98 Denver Broncos (AFC) 31 Green Bay Packers (NFC) 24
XXXIII 1998–99 Denver Broncos (AFC) 34 Atlanta Falcons (NFC) 19
XXXIV 1999–2000 St. Louis Rams (NFC) 23 Tennessee Titans (AFC) 16
XXXV 2000–01 Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34 New York Giants (NFC) 7
XXXVI 2001–02 New England Patriots (AFC) 20 St. Louis Rams (NFC) 17
XXXVII 2002–03 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC) 48 Oakland Raiders (AFC) 21
XXXVIII 2003–04 New England Patriots (AFC) 32 Carolina Panthers (NFC) 29
XXXIX 2004–05 New England Patriots (AFC) 24 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 21
XL 2005–06 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 21 Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 10
XLI 2006–07 Indianapolis Colts (AFC) 29 Chicago Bears (NFC) 17
XLII 2007–08 New York Giants (NFC) 17 New England Patriots (AFC) 14
XLIII 2008–09 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 27 Arizona Cardinals (NFC) 23
XLIV 2009–10 New Orleans Saints (NFC) 31 Indianapolis Colts (AFC) 17
XLV 2010–11 Green Bay Packers (NFC) 31 Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) 25
XLVI 2011–12 New York Giants (NFC) 21 New England Patriots (AFC) 17
XLVII 2012–13 Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 31
XLVIII 2013–14 Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 43 Denver Broncos (AFC) 8
XLIX 2014–15 New England Patriots (AFC) 28 Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 24
50 2015–16 Denver Broncos (AFC) 24 Carolina Panthers (NFC) 10
LI 2016–17 New England Patriots (AFC) 34** Atlanta Falcons (NFC) 28
LII 2017–18 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 41 New England Patriots (AFC) 33
LIII 2018–19 New England Patriots (AFC) 13 Los Angeles Rams (NFC) 3
LIV 2019–20 Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) 31 San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 20
LV 2020–21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC) 31 Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) 9
LVI 2021–22 Los Angeles Rams (NFC) 23 Cincinnati Bengals (AFC) 20
LVII 2022–23 Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) 38 Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) 35
LVIII 2023–24 Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) 25** San Francisco 49ers (NFC) 22

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Super Bowl | History, Appearances, Results, & Facts (2024)


What are 2 interesting facts about the Super Bowl? ›

It's common knowledge that the Super Bowl commercials are pretty expensive, but some of these may come as new information to you.
  • The Super Bowl is the second-highest eating day for Americans (behind Thanksgiving) ...
  • The Green Bay Packers were the first team to ever win a Super Bowl.
Feb 7, 2024

What were the results of Super Bowl 1? ›

The Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first-ever Super Bowl.

What was considered the worst halftime show for the Super Bowl? ›

Five worst Super Bowl halftime shows in NFL history
  1. Maroon 5 (2019)
  2. The Black Eyed Peas (2011) ...
  3. The Blues Brothers (1997) ...
  4. Phil Collins, Enrique Iglesias, Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Tina Turner (2000) ...
  5. New Kids on the Block (1991) On this day in 1991, we performed during the Super Bowl Halftime Show! ...
Feb 11, 2024

Who was the number 1 watched Super Bowl halftime show? ›

With 121 million viewers, Rihanna's 2023 performance during Super Bowl LVII is the most-watched halftime show in history.

What was the greatest comeback in the Super Bowl history? ›

The American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots defeated the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Atlanta Falcons, 34–28. Super Bowl LI featured the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, with the Patriots overcoming a 28–3 deficit in the third quarter to emerge victorious.

Who was the biggest favorite in Super Bowl history? ›

The largest point spread in Super Bowl history was in Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. The San Francisco 49ers entered the game as massive 18.5-point favorites over the San Diego Chargers.

Who is the shortest player in the Super Bowl 2024? ›

The shortest player (the Chiefs' Clyde Edwards-Helaire) is 5'7”, one is 5'8” and four are 5'9”. There are 32 players under 6'. Weight: Thirty-three players weigh more than 300 pounds, with the heaviest (the Chiefs' Donovan Smith) weighing in at 338 lbs.

Who is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl 2024? ›

Super Bowl 2024 kicks off with a national anthem performance by Reba McEntire, also known as “The Queen of Country Music” (although Dolly Parton also has a strong claim at that nickname).

Who has the most Super Bowl rings? ›

Which teams have the most Super Bowl wins? The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers are both tied for the most Super Bowl wins with six each. The Patriots also have the most Super Bowl appearances in history with 11, having lost the title game five times.

Who has the most Super Bowl losses? ›

The Patriots and Broncos are tied for the most Super Bowl losses at five. The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars are the four teams to have never appeared in a Super Bowl, although the Browns and Lions both won NFL championships before the Super Bowl era.

What team lost Super Bowl 1? ›

On This Day: Packers beat Chiefs in Super Bowl I.

What was the most infamous Super Bowl halftime show? ›

Perhaps the most infamous moment in halftime show history, Justin Timberlake's "wardrobe malfunction" during a performance with Janet Jackson led to the exposure of Jackson's breast on live television, sparking widespread outrage and controversy.

Who sang the best Super Bowl? ›

Super Bowl all-time national anthems: Ranking best performances from Whitney Houston to Lady Gaga
  • Lady Gaga (2016) ...
  • Luther Vandross (1997) ...
  • Carrie Underwood (2010) ...
  • Kelly Clarkson (2012) ...
  • Jennifer Hudson (2009) ...
  • Beyoncé (2004) ...
  • Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville (2006) ...
  • Whitney Houston (1991)
Feb 11, 2024

Was the halftime show good in 2024? ›

Super Bowl 2024 halftime show review: Usher delivers another captivating (and yes, shirtless) performance. The R&B titan enlisted a slew of past collaborators — including Alicia Keys and Ludacris — for a sparkling, Vegas-style spectacle.

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