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Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day- for us gym goers we may consider the most important meal of the day to be pre and post workout meals, however morning nutrition is still incredibly important. The reason breakfast is considered so important lies within its name... you’re breaking an overnight fast! When you sleep, although the body’s metabolism slows down you still continue to burn calories, this means upon waking a good supply of nutrients and energy is required to set you up for the day ahead. When it comes to health and fitness, it's important to get your breakfast nutrition right, read this article to find out the top high protein breakfast foods.

1.High-Protein Porridge

Porridge is often described as the breakfast of champions, whereby this simple warm dish can not only leave you feeling nice and full, but also provide a good supply of long lasting energy.

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Porridge oats are a good food to eat for breakfast for a number of reasons; for starters porridge oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre- which not only helps to aid digestion but also means you’ll be able to stay fuller for longer.

What’s more, the soluble fibre found in oats, a compound called beta-glucan, has also been shown in tons of studies to help lower blood pressure, and regulate blood sugar. In fact, oats are a food recommended to be consumed to improve heart health and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

To get the most out of your porridge, after cooking add a scoop of flavoured Impact Whey protein or if you're a vegan or lactose intolerant Soy Protein Isolate. Adding a scoop of protein not only adds an extra 20g of good quality protein to your breakfast, but by choosing your favourite flavour, you’ll get the sweetness without the need to add those high calorie toppings such as sugar and syrup.

Why not try porridge with fresh blueberries and our new Blueberry and raspberry stevia impact whey protein. It’s these kind of breakfasts that can make you excited for breakfast.

2.Protein Pancakes

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There’s nothing better than a stack of scotch pancakes on a Saturday morning- the perfect way to start the weekend right? Well now you can enjoy the ultimate pancake stack without the unhealthy ingredients! Protein pancakes are super simple to make, whether you’re a culinary genius or one of Gordon’s kitchen nightmares! In our protein pancake mix you’ll get a huge 34.3g of protein with only 5.9g or carbohydrates and 2.1g of sugar! Protein pancakes are the perfect high protein breakfast food, especially when topped with fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt!

If you prefer making your own recipes from scratch, protein pancakes are still super quick! There are so many variations of protein pancakes available from banana protein pancakes to sweet potato and even pumpkin pancakes! You can be as creative as you want when it comes to ingredients, making sure this breakfast option meets your macros! Looking for a creative recipe? Why not try this red velvet pancake recipe.

3.Greek Yoghurt

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Yoghurts are a great source of dairy, calcium and vitamin D and with more and more people choosing to enjoy a healthy bowl of fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Most of the time this might be the case, but supermarkets and food companies have become clever within their marketing strategy, branding many yoghurts as low fat. But did you know that low fat often means high sugar?

Consuming too much refined sugar might provide you with a temporary energy boost, but in terms of your training, sugar can cause massive setbacks.If you’ve got a sweet tooth but you’re trying to lower your refined sugar intake swap the usual high sugar yogurts for Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt contains up to 10g of protein per 100g with brands such as total 0% offering a minimal 4g of carbohydrates and 60 calories.

My personal favourite addition Greek yogurt is a scoop of flavoured whey protein (rhubarb and custard) with some fresh and frozen berries. If you want to add more carbohydrates to your breakfast try adding raw oats or homemade granola.

4. Oat Bran

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Oatbran may not sound overly familiar, but like porridge this breakfast food is a perfect high fibre and low sugar breakfast option.Oat bran is a product produced from the outer husk of the oat grain and is a great source of low glycaemic complex carbohydrates.

Coming from oats, the beta glucans found in oatbran contribute to maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol, whilst aiding your digestion and providing an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibre. Oat bran itself is not high in protein but adding a scoop of Flavoured protein to your morning bowl can provide great flavour and 20g of protein! Check out the recipe here.

5.Quinoa Porridge

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So you’ve heard of regular porridge, but have you heard of quinoa porridge? If you’re looking for a high protein gluten free breakfast, this dish may take a little bit longer to cook than normal porridge but hey, it’s worth it!

Quinoa is a popular superfood that is packed full of protein, fibre and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, potassium and iron! As a result, quinoa can not only benefit health, but has also been shown to aid weight loss.

What’s more quinoa is also a source of flavonoids, quercetin in particular, that have been shown in scientific studies to have various health benefits. The high protein content in quinoa provides a good profile of amino acids and is therefore a great vegetarian and gluten free way to consume a high protein breakfast. Check out the breakfast recipehere.

6.Omelette, Scrambled Egg and Egg Muffins

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Eggs are a great low-carb and high-protein savoury breakfast option to enjoy first thing in the morning. Eggs are and eggcellent source of protein that are often avoided due to their high saturated fat and cholesterol levels. However, the cholesterol found in eggs is known to be good cholesterol that can actually be beneficial for health, and unless you’re chowing down on 15 eggs a day you’ll be fine in terms of saturated fat.

One egg contains around 6 grams of protein, 78 calories and 5g of fat. If you’re looking to increase you’re protein intake at breakfast eggs are the perfect solution, especially since they are pretty cheap to buy. If saturated fat is a concern and you’re looking to minimise and control fat intake, why not try an egg white omelette or egg muffins.

7.Homemade Protein Muffins

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Using our protein Muffin Mix you can create your own protein breakfast muffins! With around 100 calories per muffin and 7g of protein, these muffins are the perfect treat for breakfast on the go. Why not try this recipe, and swap the chocolate and cocoa powder for blueberries or a fruit of your choice! Check out the recipe here.

8.Protein Granola Bars

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Love granola? Most granolas are high in sugar but not these protein granola bars! This homemade recipe is perfect for when you’re on the go and are packed full of nutty goodness, healthy fats and protein! What’s more each bar contains around only 2g of sugar! Protein bars are an ideal way to get a protein boost if you’re rushed in the morning- make sure you don’t miss out on your morning nutrition. Check out the recipe here.

9.Peanut Butter or Almond Protein Balls

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Protein balls have become incredibly popular amongst us fitness enthusiasts and if you follow our recipe combining oats, protein powder and nut butters- you can’t go wrong! These protein bounce balls provide high quality protein and complex carbohydrates, making sure you can consume breakfast even on the busiest days. Check out the almond and peanut butter protein ball recipes.

10.Breakfast Protein Shake

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The last food on the list may seem like a bit of a cop out- after all a protein shake isn’t actually a food right? Nevertheless, protein shakes always come in handy, especially when you’re starving after a morning gym sessions. If you’re like me, fitting in a morning gym session before work can really cause some problems when it comes to time management... where a breakfast of champions is definitely out of the question.

However, a quick, easy protein shake is an ideal solution. What’s more you can chose a protein shake to suit you and your goals, with added vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates.

Top 10 High Protein Breakfast Foods | The Zone (2024)
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