Eyebrow Threading Near Me: Best Eyebrow Salon Near You (2020)

Eyebrow threading is a new removal technique which is used to make the shape of the eyebrows perfect. This method is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness. You can easily remove eyebrows with a thread not only in the professional beauty salon but also being at home. Everything you need is just to get acquainted with the method and have a little practice.

How to use eyebrow threading removal technique: instruction

Hair removal should be done with a cotton or special cosmetic thread. The latter is woven of very thin nylon fibers, characterized by high strength. Synthetic or silk threads are not suitable enough because they slide on the surface of the hair. Working with their help will give no result; you will not succeed in the procedure of depilation. For carrying out one procedure, 50-60 cm of material is sufficient.

Preparatory stage

Thread hair removal is a rather painful process. To minimize discomfort, it is important to prepare for the procedure properly. There are several common techniques which are recommended to be done before the manipulation:

Use of cream. First the area of skin from which surface hair will be removed, should be disinfected with alcohol. Then it is necessary to apply a little amount of moisturizing cream. After that, you need to wait until it is absorbed. Just a few minutes will be enough. The remains of the moisturizing cream are cleaned with a cotton pad dipped in hot water.

Facial steaming. Under the action of high temperatures, the pores will open to the maximum, due to which the process of hair removal will practically not cause any painful sensations. To steam the skin around the eyebrows, you can sit over the steam generated from hot water for 10-15 minutes, or apply a hot towel to the skin for 5 minutes. After that, the treated area must be wiped with an alcohol-containing tonic or solution.

The process of eyebrow correction

After completing the preparatory procedures, you can proceed directly to the correction of the shape of the eyebrows. For those who want to learn how to remove eyebrows using a thread at home, step by step instructions will help.

The ends of the prepared thread are connected, resulting in a vicious circle. After that, you need to hold the part of the thread on which the knot is located with your left hand, and the opposite side with your right hand. If a person is left-handed, his hands need to be changed.

Holding the circle tightly with the thread, you need to make 5-6 turns with your right hand. If the manipulation is performed correctly, dense nodules form closer to the right side, and the circle is transformed into an eight or infinity sign, resembling an hourglass in shape.
Eyebrow threading

The formed eight of the thread must be taken from both sides with a thumb and also with the index finger of both hands and brought to the eyebrows, pressed to the skin. The fingers are oriented in the opposite direction from the face. When a loop of thread (its twisted section) comes close to the hair that needs to be removed, it is necessary to do the following manipulation: close the fingers of one hand while simultaneously spreading the fingers of the second. With proper and synchronous performance of this movement, the hair retracts between the threads of the thread. With a sharp jerk the fixed hair is pulled out. The movement should be for hair growth. On the final stage of the procedure the skin areas are disinfected with alcohol.
Eyebrow threading

To work with a thread for the first time is quite difficult. But with experience, movements are becoming more precise and dexterous. With a little practice, it will be possible to learn to remove the eyebrows evenly and beautifully, spending 5-10 minutes to correct each of them.

In the video you will see the details of the process more clearly.

How to reduce pain

Though the process go eyebrow threading is quite painful there are ways to reduce discomfort. First of all, you should choose the right time for the procedure. The shape of the eyebrows should not be adjusted during PMS period, as well as in the first days of menstruation, because during this period the body is too susceptible to pain.

Before the manipulation, you can wipe the skin with an ice cube or frozen herbal decoction (chamomile, calendula). After that it is necessary to see that the treated area is completely dry.

General tips

To depilate the eyebrows properly, you can draw the desired shape with a pencil before the procedure. So in the process of work it will be easier and faster to determine which hairs need to be removed.

A triangle of threads must be positioned so that all the hairs that need to be removed are located inside it. The thread must be moved against hair growth.

The recommended hair removal sequence is the following: first the area between the eyebrows, then the area above them, and at the end of the procedure, the area under the eyebrows is treated.

Pros and cons of thread correction

Advantages of the eyebrow threading:

  • efficiency – with the help of a thread, it will be possible to remove all hair, even vellus hair, which is difficult to do using other methods. The eyebrow line is perfect and expressive. The hairs are pulled out with the root and do not break off;
  • hygiene – the risk of infection with a thread is excluded;
  • safety – the procedure does not injure the epidermis and practically does not provoke irritation, which is especially important for sensitive skin;
  • accessibility – to make a procedure neither special materials nor specific tools are required;
  • skin cleansing – the thread removes both the hair and dead skin cells.

Disadvantages of the procedure

The eyebrow threading removal technique has some disadvantages as well. They are the following:

  • soreness – during the process several hairs can be torn out simultaneously, which increases the feeling of painfulness;
  • the risk of hair ingrowth if the procedure is done improperly;
  • the relative complexity of the procedure – to learn how to perform it quickly and in a proper way, you need to spend some time and gain experience.


The procedure is not recommended in the case of:

  • the presence of chronic skin diseases, herpes;
  • exacerbation of viral or infectious diseases;
  • the presence of skin formations in the area of eyebrows: warts, moles, papillomas;
  • skin burn, inflammation of the eyebrows.

The eyebrow thread removal is not recommended to be done during the period of pregnancy.

Due to the fact that with the help of the thread, even the shortest and imperceptible hairs are removed, the effect of the trial depilation lasts a month.

Eyebrow threading removal is a convenient and practical method that provides excellent results. Due to its practicality and effectiveness, this technique is a good alternative to eyebrow correction with tweezers or wax.

Find eyebrow threading near me

You can find eyebrow threading salon near you on the google map.

Products for removing eyebrow and Best Hair Removal Epilators

Yunai Electric Body Facial Hair Remover

This electric epilator is rechargeable and is highly user-friendly due to its butterfly layout. Getting a grip on this facial hair remover is a piece of cake for almost anyone. This device is 100 percent devoid of all kinds of chemical components. It does not involve the assistance of a knife, medicine or heat at all, either. It features a push switch that does not bring on frustrating slipping. It has a sleek and streamlined size and form and because of that is simple to get from point A to point B. It encourages skin smoothness.

WAYCOM Ladies Facial Hair Remover

This beauty epilator for women offers the joys of facial threading. It’s gentle on the complexion and therefore does not bring on any unpleasant effects or sensitivity whatsoever. It’s a physical tool that functions by tugging on the face. It makes a dependable and speedy option for people who wish to do away with hair that grows on the visage. Use of this remover does not hurt. It doesn’t employ knives, waxes or chemical components in any manner. It utilizes a cotton thread that offers simple installation. It also can be helpful for cuticle cleaning purposes.

R.E.M. Spring Facial Hair Remover

This is a device that was made solely for female use. It caters to the neck and nose sections, the cheeks, the chin and the bottom and top lip areas. It consists of professional stainless steel and does not include chemicals, colors or plastics. The hair remover has the ability to do away with facial hair that’s especially thin. It has the ability to do away with hairs that are far from long, too. It’s appropriate for all different complexion varieties. It does not bring on the emergence of pigmentation troubles, wrinkles and fine lines.

Kopbeau Painless Facial Hair Remover

This is a device that strives to get rid of hair that emerges on the face. It was produced exclusively for women. It comes equipped with a replacement head that’s complimentary. It’s a waterproof remover that features a LED (Light Emitting Diode) light. This trimmer can do a lot for women who want to eliminate hairs that are practically inconspicuous. Women can utilize it below and on top of their lips. They can employ it on their necks, chins and cheeks as well. It has stainless blades that do not bring on allergic reactions.

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