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Vooluu Green Protein Shake Review

Have you ever wanted to be able to start your day out fresh with a delicious protein shake but were too tired to make it?

I am one of those people who just flat out hates the world and everyone in it when they get out of bed. I’d love to start my day off with something fresh, but I just can’t bring myself to go into the kitchen and cut up all of the fruit and vegetables needed for a smoothie. At best I put on the coffee pot and let it make itself while I shower. That was, of course, until I happened to find the Vooluu Green Protein Shake!

I know what you’re thinking

Vooluu Green Protein Shake

Another gross pre prepared drink that tastes like liquefied grass roots. To be honest the first time I saw it, I thought so too, but hear me out! This isn’t the typical “throw a whole bunch artificial flavors and green food coloring then call it a shake” type of deal. This is actually made from real organic products that not only blend perfectly to create a healthy drink, it tastes incredible. For the raw hardcore fitness fans out there, there is no need to swallow eggs down your throat like Rocky. That not only tastes disgusting it isn’t the safest way to eat your eggs.

Let me give you a quick Vooluu Green Protein Shake review.

First, it contains an organic protein blend that includes pea protein, which comes from yellow peas. This just so happens to be the most highly digestible of plant proteins, making it a perfect alternative to dairy or soy. Not to mention help you out when going through cramps or other stomach issues. The blend also includes brown rice protein and hemp protein, which are great sources of amino acids. Additionally, the blend contains amaranth flour and quinoa sprout, which give you more nutrients to start your day off on the right foot. Of course, it doesn’t end with a simple protein blend. It also includes an organic algae & sea vegetable blend as well as an organic green blend. This allows you to get all the vitamins and minerals from a wide variety of veggies all in one. It is a quick start to your day and can help you live a healthier overall lifestyle.
Vooluu Green Protein Shake

 A daily meal of the Vooluu Green Protein Shake  is a great compliment that can fit in all sorts of diets. Whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, or even when you’re trying to go vegan, this shake works for you! It only contains 180 calories and has no added sugars. It is really a “no harm no foul” product. This shake can benefit you even if you are not into working out, which I love.

 Who has time these days to go pick out the best fruits and veggies from the market? 

On top of that, fruit and vegies might only last a couple days. That’s a waste of your time and your money! I actually started using this product because I noticed I was literally throwing money away on rotting fruits and vegetables.

All of this led to me feeling better mentally and physically, and I had more time in the morning.

So, I started working out, and I even got my girls into it. Now, since I don’t have to get up extremely early, I’m getting more sleep, too. Do we always drink these shakes? No, we do “cheat” on the weekends and pick up some pancakes, but we definitely love these shakes during the week when the whole family is running off to work or school. I feel good knowing that my family has all had a healthy breakfast, too. We all have talked, and we all feel more energized during the week, but we also talked, and still want our pancakes on the weekend!

Vooluu Green Protein Shake

For me, the time and money savings along with the energy boost, is well worth it to buy this product. Like I said, I stopped wasting my time and money on cooking up greasy breakfast meals every day. Now, I just pour our family a couple of shakes. What’s even better is I don’t even have to go to the store to get them. I got a monthly subscription, and I get breakfast delivered to my door every month. I particularly like the mix because of the amazing taste, and believe me…I have tried a lot of shakes and most of them have a terrible aftertaste or tastes just like chemicals. This shake is very different.

If you are looking to get into a healthier lifestyle, these shakes are perfect. Not only do they have a ton of essential vitamins and minerals, but they help you save a lot of time and money! You don’t have to take my word for it, try them yourself! I wish I would have tried them sooner than I did! I promise, once you start incorporating these into your life, you will wish the same.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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